The Philosophy Resistance Squad

The Philosophy Resistance Squad

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An exciting philosophical romp about a wicked headmaster being taken on by a group of kids who have learned the power of critical thinking.

Product Description

Milo is thrilled to be starting at the country’s most elite secondary school. But it soon becomes clear to him that something sinister is going on in this place. The principal, Dr Pummelcrush, has an agenda that has very little to do with education.

When Milo stumbles across a bright and colourful secret garden and meets its joyous gardener Ursula, he and his friends start to learn a whole new way of thinking – called philosophy.

But how on earth can a bunch of kids use thinking skills to resist Pummelcrush’s evil project and save children from being zombified?

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‘This book is a curious, exciting marvel … An adventure that asks the hard questions and fights the good fight; bold, brave, unusual and really makes you think!’ – Mary Esther Judy, Fallen Star Stories

‘To be able to gift your child a basic grounding in philosophy for less than a tenner is, I have to say in distinctly non-Socratic terms, mindblowing.’  –  Anne Cunningham, The Meath Chronicle

‘A dramatic adventure, with an engaging helping of philosophy on the side.’ – Sara Keating, The Irish Times

‘A thought provoking read that encourages the reader to use their mind critically and creatively.’ –  Catherine Power, The Munster Express

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