Thank you Rhona Kelly

Sheena Wilkinson, author of Star by Star, is writing one postcard each month to a woman who influenced her, inspired her, helped her – and the postcard is her thank you. They will appear on our blog on the 14th of every month, right up to the end of the year! To follow them all, check in on our blog and on Twitter under #StarByStarThankYous

This week my little sister got married. In traditional fashion, she threw her bouquet at the end of the night, and I caught it. (Apologies to anyone I damaged in the scrum.) But now I’d like to give her a bouquet, by making her my May #StarByStarThankYou. And I’d love people to share their own Thank Yous to their sisters.


Write to us on social media or through our Contact Form to request your own postcard, and start thinking about what amazing woman you want to thank.

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