• Little Island Children's Publisher Books for Keeps Little Island Has Books for Keeps!

    The lovely people at Books for Keeps – one of the foremost magazine for children’s books in the UK – have just published a double page spread on Little Island and our 5th birthday! It features lots of information about the books we’ve published over the past five years as well as upcoming projects and represents another stride forward for Little Island into the UK market.

    We’re delighted to be published in a magazine that Philip Pullman once called ‘the most important periodical in the world of British children’s books’.

    Check it out at the Books for Keeps website or have a sneak peek at it below!

    Little Island Children's Publisher Books for Keeps

    Little Island Children's Publisher Books for Keeps

    By Little Island

  • Once upon a Place Once upon a Place – an anthology compiled by Laureate na nÓg published by Little Island!



    Compiled by Laureate na nÓg Eoin Colfer

    Published by Little Island Books, available from 15th October 2015
    ISBN: 9781910411377, HB, £11.99/€15.99, 224pp.

    Laureate na nÓg Eoin Colfer, author of the bestselling Artemis Fowl series, has compiled a new anthology of stories and poems for children that focuses on the special link between story and place in Ireland. Lavish black-and-white charcoal illustrations by award-winning artist and picturebook illustrator P.J. Lynch will make this unique anthology a very beautiful object.

    Once upon a Place features six new poems by Irish poets alongside stories from many of Ireland’s leading children’s writers including Roddy Doyle, Derek Landy and former Laureate na nÓg Siobhán Parkinson, as well as the first ever story for children by Academy Award nominee Jim Sheridan, director of My Left Foot, The Field and In America. It will also feature new work by Eoin Colfer himself, along with Pat Boran, Seamus Cashman, John Connolly, Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick, Mark Granier, Paula Leyden, Oisín McGann, Geraldine Mills, Jane Mitchell, Kate Newmann, Sarah Webb and Enda Wyley.

    It will be published by Little Island in October 2015, aimed at 9–12 year olds.

    In tandem with the production of the Once upon a Place anthology, Eoin Colfer’s Laureate term is also seeing Colfer and a team of storytellers travelling all over the island of Ireland with a tour that began in autumn 2014 and will run until spring 2016. From Hook Head lighthouse in Wexford to a steam train through Fingal in Dublin, to Donegal’s islands and a stunning church in Belfast, this initiative aims to give young people memorable and extraordinary storytelling experiences in magical or inspiring places, and to bring stories to schools and communities that would not otherwise be visited by writers or storytellers for reasons of resources or location.

    The anthology enhances this project by bringing stories of Irish places to children all over the country and further afield.

    ‘This is my laureate project with a general aim of connecting today’s screen-centric youngsters to the magic of the country they live in and its rich artistic heritage,’ says Eoin Colfer.

    Any royalties from the book will go towards the Laureate na nÓg project, which aims to raise the profile of children’s literature in Ireland and internationally and to introduce high quality children’s books to new audiences. Laureate na nÓg is an initiative of the Arts Council / an Chomhairle Ealaíon, which established the honour in 2010 to celebrate excellence in Irish children’s writers and illustrators and to raise the profile of children’s literature in Ireland and internationally. It is supported by Children’s Books Ireland, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Poetry Ireland and the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

    For further information, contact Elaina Ryan, Director, Children’s Books Ireland at
    01 872 7475

    To preorder your copy, visit our shop and get free postage!

    Once upon a Place Cover

    By Little Island

  • The Wordsmith Amanda Piesse Whopper Wordsmith Reviews!

    So we think all of our books are pretty incredible, but every now and then we seem to hit on one that everyone thinks is incredible. We thought we’d collect together some of the nice things that people have been saying, in case you need a little more persuading to give it a read!

    ‘There is a welter of post-apocalyptic novels out there at the moment, but Patricia Forde’s The Wordsmith (Little Island 285pp £7.99) stands out for its imaginative approach and its beautiful and careful use of language. The Ark is a community led by John Noa, who is gradually cutting down the list of words that people can use, believing that it was words which led people into trouble in the first place. It’s a vividly rendered allegory drawn with poetic phrasing that will suit older children with an eye for the complex.’ – Philip Womack in The Literary Review, July 2015

    ‘This book is important because it targets the dangers of global warming and the power of communication, love and expression. Without these words that we have, our lives would be unimaginably different. I would definitely recommend this book to all keen readers out there.’ – The Guardian

    ‘An exciting adventure… a fascinating read.’ – Books for Keeps, July 2015

    ‘A novel that truly stands apart for its originality and relevance… a book about words, about language, about their power to civilise – and, in the wrong hands, to abuse and dehumanise… Forde’s novel blends the futuristic with the retrospective, demanding that her readers consider their own language histories and their underlying philosophies.’ – The Irish Times

    ‘This gripping story has the dark atmosphere of books such as the Hunger Games series and ends on an intriguing note that might promise sequel. And that would be another fine thing.’ – Children’s Books Ireland

    ‘In a carefully crafted and evocative story, Forde has created a world yet to come that is powerful, mesmerising and chilling … the reader is kept in an astute, thought-provoking state by a story that will not let go… Thoroughly unique in its approach and simply stunning.‘ – Mary Esther Judy, Children’s Buyer

    ‘I was hooked from the beginning – I loved the concept of this book, the joy it takes in language’ – Zoe Toft, children’s books reviewer

    By Little Island