Wulfie: A Ghostly Tail
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Wulfie: A Ghostly Tail

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A sweet and funny series about a lonely little girl and her wolfish best friend.

Product Description

Wulfie returns in Wulfie: A Ghostly Tail, a new story by Lindsay J Sedgwick, illustrated by Rosa Devine.

Libby’s stepmother Veronika wants to sell their house. But when Wulfie accidentally ends up inside the plumbing, she becomes convinced the house is haunted. Ever fame-hungry, Veronika  invites the TV star JJ Moon and his crew to investigate the ghostly activity. If they think Wulfie is a ghost and Veronika becomes famous can Libby save her house and her best friend? Well with a best friend like Wulfie, anything can happen!

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“Any parent who tries to stop reading at that chapter break is going to find themself begged for ‘just one more, please!'” –  Read and Reviewed

“Getting to the end is a roller-coaster ride of hilarious drama that makes this book impossible to put down.” – Fallen Star Stories

“A great read, highly entertaining, and lovely to spend more time with Libby and Wulfie.” –  Iseult Murphy

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