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The Powers


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Meet the Powers: the not-so-super superheroes. Despite their amazing talents, the Powers are not very good at controlling them. When we first meet Ted Power, his head is on fire, and Clare Power summons a massive downpour of rain instead of a light shower to put him out. JP, the wonderful flying boy, is really better at crashing into things than anything else, and Suzie Power has just had enough of the whole lot of them. A perfectly-paced adventure story featuring a colourful and genuinely funny family, The Powers will entertain and charm young readers.

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Poor Suzie – Dad has set the kitchen on fire again and Mum has turned the rain on indoors to douse the flames. JP has flown straight into a wall, and the dog, Pucker, is a whirlwind of paws and ears and noisy howls. Meet the Powers: the not so super superheroes.

 On a visit to The World-Famous Museum of Pirates and Buccaneers, the Powers discover a history of pirates stealing from the locals in the seaside town where they’re on holidays. Two suspicious sailors convince the Powers that pirates are plotting their return to the town, and when JP spots a tall ship at sea, havoc ensues as the Powers try to save the day. Only Suzie, whose family is sure she has no superpowers at all, can keep things under control. But for how long?

 A perfectly-paced adventure story featuring a colourful and genuinely funny family, The Powers will entertain and charm young readers.

Don’t forget to check out The Powers website at, where you’ll find a video animation of the whole family, The Powers theme tune, blogs from Suzie three days a week and activity sheets! Powerful fun!

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‘I absolutely loved the Powers. They genuinely are the funniest family I’ve ever read about. Full of fiascos and catastrophes, it’s top of my list for 2013. An absolute must.’ – Inis Magazine


About Kevin Stevens

Kevin Stevens is the author of six novels for adults, young adults and children. His first book for young children, The Powers, was chosen for the Dublin UNESCO Citywide Read and was hugely successful. Kevin also contributes regularly to The Irish Times and Dublin Review of Books.

About Sheena Dempsey

Sheena Dempsey is an author and illustrator from Cork. She has written and illustrated her own childrens books as well as illustrating childrens books for other authors, including The Powers and Pucker Power by Kevin Stevens for Little Island. She lives in London with her partner, Mick, and a wilful ex-racing greyhound named Sandy.

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