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A light-hearted picturebook about using humour and imagination to overcome fears

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A little girl confides in her grandmother about her fears: pirates, monsters, the big dog down the lane …

Each time, her grandmother suggests a funny situation to imagine, to help her overcome her fears and anxieties. The big dog isn’t so scary anymore when you imagine him on rollerskates! And pirates aren’t so frightening once they put away their swords and start playing with their dolls!

Light-hearted text by a multi-award-winning Irish author, with quirky illustrations by Elina Braslina. This is a heart-warming story about a child and her grandmother, and the power of imagination and humour to conquer fear.



‘A lovely book to read and discuss, beautifully illustrated with lively, funny images throughout from Elina Braslina.’ – Rich Simpson, What I Read

‘Any young child would be chuffed to have this book.’ –  Anne Cunningham, Meath Chronicle

‘It’s a remarkably reassuring, comforting and uplifting read, as well as lots of fun, with gorgeous illustrations.’ – Ciara, Picture Book Snob

‘Sweet, charming and bold, this is a story teaching that if we use our imagination and remember to see the funny side, we can conquer any fear.’ – LitVox
‘This is a super book with a creative and imaginative way to deal with children’s fears and wild imaginations. The ideas are brilliantly funny and are brought to life by the bright illustrations.’ – Milo and Gigi’s Bookshelf


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