Tangleweed and Brine Exhibition in Dun Laoghaire Library

The beautiful illustrations from Tangleweed and Brine, created by artist Karen Vaughan, are now on show in the Dun Laoghaire LexIcon library until 29 December 2017. The exhibition begins on the 4th floor – in the adult section – and after one month there it will be moved to the teen section on the 3rd floor.

Tangleweed and Brine is a book of bewitched retellings of thirteen classic fairy-tales with brave and resilient heroines by Deirdre Sullivan, and has received a brilliant response with booksellers and readers alike.



Dun Laoghaire Poster


Reviews of the book have appeared in the likes of The Guardian, Buzzfeed, The Irish Times and The Scotsman, who have welcomed its feminist and exquisite writing with open arms.

‘A tapestry of retellings and reimaginings, some told in beguiling second person, that foreground women – their desires, powers, fearsomeness and vulnerability … enriched by Vaughan’s sharp, intricate, Beardsleyesque illustrations’ – The Guardian

‘The haunting lyricism of the prose gets under your skin as you are drawn into the unfamiliar familiarity of each tale. Each story is unexpected and disconcerting, from hearing the witch’s perspective in the rewritten Hansel and Gretel to discovering Snow White’s sinister ambition as she tries to usurp her step-mother’s power. Throughout, Sullivan makes the reader question female characters’ agency in their own stories and the tales that emerge are surprising and fresh.’ – The Scotsman


Tangleweed and Brine illustrations Karen Vaughan


Karen Vaughan is selling the original artwork and can be contacted through Little Island, and prints are also available to buy from us at this link.



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