Little Island is always on the lookout for quality fiction for children and teenagers, and you are welcome to send us your manuscript for consideration. You don’t need to have an agent – but submissions from agents are also welcome. 

As an Irish publisher, we tend to give preference to books with an Irish connection (though we also publish books in translation). 

Please use the submission form and include a brief note about your submission along with a synopsis and your MS. (You may send either the whole MS, or just part of it if you prefer.)

If you send us a submission that is in line with these guidelines, we will consider it and we will get back to you, but it may take up to three months. 

However, if your submission clearly contravenes these submission guidelines (if it’s a rhyming picturebook text, for example, or the first of a fantasy series), you probably won’t hear from us. Sorry, but we have to conserve our limited time, person-power and headspace. We hope you understand. 


What we are looking for


  • Fabulous writing (Take a look at Good Red Herring.)


  • Great stories (Take a look at How to Bake a Sausage Dog.)


  • Storybooks for younger children (max 20,000 words, shorter is better) Funny, adventurous, sad or thoughtful. (Take a look at The Powers, for example.)


  • Novels for older children (25,000–45,000 words) We are on the lookout for well-written novels for children that tell a good story. (Take a look at The Keeper or Bartolomé – super writing, great stories.)


  • Novels for teenagers (max 60,000 words, shorter is better) We publish novels for younger teenagers and also for ‘young adults’ (15+). Funny, sad, romantic, fantastical, sassy, grittily realistic, tough, amusing, puzzling – we’re open-minded. (Take a look at Grounded or Primperfect.)


What we are NOT looking for


  • Books by children (Sorry if that sounds mean; we have our reasons, but we can’t go into them here.)


  • Books that have previously been self-published


  • Sequels to self-published books


  • Issue-driven books (Stories that deal with issues are fine, that’s different.)


  • Stories with morals and messages (Lots of publishers want these – but we don’t.)


  • Books about fairies or angels (They are just not our kind of thing.)


  • Horror (No, you can’t count The Nightmare Club!)


  • Picturebook texts in rhyme. (We mean it; please don’t.)


  • Short stories (Your book should be a book, even if it is very short. We can only consider stories that fall into one of the categories mentioned above in ‘What we are looking for’.)


  • A book your children/grandchildren love because you wrote it and it’s about them (Great if they love your book for other reasons, of course.)


  • Books that treat children as if they are under-cooked adults


  • Books with the word ‘snot’ in the title


  • Stories that start from the premise that the main character’s father has got a new job and the family has had to move


  • Fantasy – we do very occasionally publish stand-alone fantasy books but it’s not an area of strength for us


Submissions Form

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