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It’s been a little while since we at Little Island published our very first talking book — a book of poems, Hopscotch in the Sky by Lucinda Jacob, read in her most chocolatey voice by the inimitable Jennifer Johnston, available from Since dipping our toe in those rather cool and scary waters, we’ve taken the plunge altogether now and sold audio rights in three of our super-best titles.
The stunning and multiple-award-winning Tangleweed and Brine by Deirdre Sullivan is out now from Audible. The hardback and paperback editions of Tangleweed and Brine are very attractive volumes with lavish black-and-white illustrations, and as a collection of darkly beautiful reworked fairy tales in feminist mode, a great one for dipping into and spinning out, one story at a time. Obviously the illustrations don’t translate to the audiobook, but Aoife McMahon’s rich Irish voice brings the wonderful prose to a new pitch of fabulous. This terrific audiobook will bring Deirdre Sullivan’s work to a whole new audience — but we can also see existing fans of Tangleweed and Brine falling for the book all over again in the audible medium. One to savour.
Deirdre’s previous book, the first-person novel Needlework, is now also available as an audiobook. Nora-Jane Noone does a super job of rendering the bleakly funny but also heartbreaking voice of the much-abused teenaged protagonist-narrator. Her reading brings out the youth and liveliness of the character and is sure to appeal especially to young listeners. Another chance for the YA audience — as well as those way beyond that age-category – to experience the work of possibly Ireland’s very finest literary writer for young people.
And finally, Little Island’s own Siobhán Parkinson has gone audible too. Her very successful feminist collection of essays on Irish women who made history, Rocking the System, which appeared in 2018 to celebrate the centenary of votes for women, is now brought to your ears by Audible. As this is a series of essays with supporting content of various kinds, Audible made the eminently sensible decision to use a variety of voices — all female, all Irish — to render the different kinds of content and make this non-fiction text into a satisfying auditory experience.
And by the way, nothing to do with audiobooks, Rocking the System will appear very shortly in paperback with a knock-out new cover from Little Island.
If you enjoy listening to our new audiobooks, please, please, please leave lovely positive reviews on the Audible website. That’s how these things work — customer reviews generate interest in the books, and without them, an audiobook can just disappear. We don’t want that happening, now, do we?
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