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Wulfie series three-book-bundle

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A sweet and funny series about a little girl and her wolfish best friend. With a best friend like Wulfie, anything can happen!

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Wulfie: Stage Fright cover
Wulfie: Stage Fright

Wulfie is just like a puppy – fluffy and adorable. But unlike a puppy, he talks. And he’s purple. His favourite food is smelly socks. He can be small as a snail or big as a bear. He’s sweet and loyal and he’s Libby’s new best friend.

Libby longs to star in the school play, and with Wulfie’s help she just might get a chance to outshine her big bad brother, Rex.


Wulfie: Beast in ShowWulfie: Beast in Show

Aunt Ilda is coming to visit, and that means big trouble for Libby and her adorable purple best friend, Wulfie. Ilda will do anything to win the top dog show prize on live TV. Anything. Including kidnapping Wulfie!

But Wulfie, of course, isn’t a dog at all. He talks, he shrinks and grows, and when he sneezes – time freezes. He’s the sweetest best friend Libby could hope for – and now he needs her help.

Can Libby rescue Wulfie and humiliate Aunt Ilda on TV? Well, with a best friend like Wulfie, anything can happen.



Wulfie Saves the PlanetWulfie Saves the Planet

Libby has been assigned a school project on raising awareness about the environment, but she has absolutely no ideas! Lucky for her, Wulfie is full of ideas! Unluckily for her, Wulfie tackles this project with his usual brand of well-meaning chaos, having slightly misunderstood what the project is meant to look like!

Wulfie grows very big, dons a red cape and Veronika’s eye mask and takes to the streets as a superhero! But Wulfie’s superhero efforts don’t quite go to plan. Can Libby create a winning school project while protecting the planet and her best friend?


Learn more at our Wulfie Series page, with downloadable colouring and activity pages and more!

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Wulfie Series Bundle

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