Wulfie Saves the Planet
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Wulfie Saves the Planet

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A sweet and funny series about a little girl and her wolfish best friend.

Product Description

Wulfie returns in Wulfie Saves the Planet, a new story by Lindsay J Sedgwick, illustrated by Rosa Devine.

Libby has been assigned a school project on raising awareness about the environment, but she has absolutely no ideas! Lucky for her, Wulfie is full of ideas! Unluckily for her, Wulfie tackles this project with his usual brand of well-meaning chaos, having slightly misunderstood what the project is meant to look like!

Wulfie grows very big, dons a red cape and Veronika’s eye mask and takes to the streets as a superhero! But Wulfie’s superhero efforts don’t quite go to plan. Can Libby create a winning school project while protecting the planet and her best friend?


“It was the heart and emotional depth of this novel that elevated it beyond a fun, magical read.” – Iseult Murphy

“I can’t imagine anyone not loving Wulfie, and younger readers will definitely enjoy this book (and older readers too!).” – Valinora Troy

“This is a fantastic story, with a message that doesn’t overwhelm the fun and brilliant drawings.” –  Read and Reviewed

“Laughs all the way and lovely illustrations by Rosa Devine.” –  The Meath Chronicle

“With so many laugh-out-loud moments, this is sure to be a story children will devour.” – Scope for Imagination

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1 review for Wulfie Saves the Planet

  1. Iseult Murphy
    5 out of 5


    It’s so lovely to be back with Wulfie, Libby and their friends. I loved that this time, in book 3, we learned more about Lupuslandia, Wulfie’s home, got to see inside Libby’s father’s inventing room, and learned more about the owner of the mysterious trunk that Wulfie climbed through from his world to ours.
    I was thrilled to see Nazim with the pug Wulfie & Libby rescued in book two. I love Zodiac (the pug).
    As with the other books, along with all the fun and magic there is also depth and real heart. The end of the book had me near tears.
    Also, as an Irish person, I loved reading about Dublin.
    Thank you to the author and Little Island Books for giving me an ARC and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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