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The Times Children’s Book of the Week, 3rd of July 2021

In his stunning middle-grade debut, Booker-longlisted Sam Thompson invites us into a hidden world of talking animals, where language is power.

Product Description

Deep in the forest, foxes live in an underground city built by the wolves they enslaved. Using the power of speech, they keep the wolves under their harsh rule. Wolves Isengrim, Hersent and their pups use secret passages to move between the animal and human worlds. When Isengrim is injured, a young boy named Silas comes to his aid. Silas finds speech difficult, but as his friendship with the wolves grows, he must fight to protect his new friends, and find his own voice.

Inspired by the author’s own son’s difficulty with speech and his love of wolves, Wolfstongue is a beautifully written, thoughtful fantasy adventure that has the feel of a future classic in making.


The Times Children’s Book of the Week, 3rd of July 2021

‘Has all the makings of a modern classic with its exhilarating mix of ancient fable and contemporary issues. … Not since Watership Down have animal dynamics felt so true and the political undertones so live. … I predict howls of approval — and prizes.’ – Alex O’Connell, The Times

‘Gripping and profound.’ – Amanda Craig, The New Statesman

‘An unforgettable fable. Raw, devastating and brilliantly written.’ – Lucy Strange, author of The Ghost of Gosswater

‘A fiercely gentle tale, heartwarming and brave.’ – Myra Zepf, Winner KPMG/CBI Children’s Book of the Year 2020

‘A startling entrance into children’s fiction.’ – Pet O’Connell, The Echo

‘An edge-of-the-seat adventure.’ – Meg Rosoff, author of The Great Godden

‘An intelligent and powerful story about words and language and what it means to have a voice. The illustrations by Anna Tromop are stunning too!’
– A. M. Howell, author of The House of One Hundred Clocks

‘An absolute delight. Warm and thoughtful, full of insight.’ – Kelly McCaughrain, author of Flying Tips for Flightless Birds, Children’s Books Ireland Book of the Year 2019

Wolfstongue has classic written all over it.’ – Patricia Forde, author of The Wordsmith

Wolfstongue is a hugely original tale with classic influences and infrastructure.’ – Sara Keating, The Irish Times

‘Thompson is a superb writer. There is a dreamlike quality to his prose.’ – Philip Womack, Literary Review

‘Brilliantly compelling whilst at the same time making profound comments about the way language and expression help to define us and, when limited, can equally confine us, really powerful.’ –  Jake Hope, Youth Libraries Group

‘This heart felt and exciting adventure has plenty to interest and reflect on.’ – Readers that Care

‘This is a wonderful story that will have you on the edge of your seat.’ – Addicted to Books

‘Children – and adults! – everywhere will certainly find comfort and magic within Wolfstongue’s pages.’ –  Karla Brading, Buzz Magazine

‘Lyrical, fierce, thoughtful, brave, emotional…a story of facing your fears and finding your voice. What a stunning book!’ – Mary Esther Judy, Fallen Star Stories

‘A stunning fantasy adventure.’ – Bríd Conroy, Mayo News

‘This is a wonderful book,  it is heart warming, and full of adventure.’ – Sam JD Thomas, Bookbound

Wolfstongue is an absorbing read and perfect for fans of the natural world, intrigue and adventure.’ This Book is Brilliant!

‘A powerful story about standing up to bullies, doing what’s right and the power of language, this is a lyrical, beautiful children’s-book debut.’ – What I Read

‘Heady, lyrical and earthy.’ –  Lily and the Fae

‘Every now and again, a remarkable new children’s book comes along which is a pleasure to read, isn’t too long, and is filled with a sense of profound meaning and significance without ever feeling preachy. Wolfstongue is precisely this.’ – BookTrust


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