Too Many Ponies

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Lucy hears about a riding competition with a cash prize that could save Rosevale, the sanctuary for horses. But it’s up to Aidan to complete the team – and he’s lost his nerve. Can he pluck up the courage to help save Rosevale?

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Rosevale is a sanctuary for abandoned and abused horses, but Aidan’s family can’t afford to run it any longer. If Rosevale closes down, though, what is going to happen to all the horses that are looked after there?

Then Lucy comes up with a super idea: there’s a cross-country competition offering an unbelievable prize of £5,000. Can they possibly muster a team that is good enough to beat the posh stables and win the competition? Not without Aidan’s help – but Aidan has lost his nerve and is terrified of riding.

The future of Rosevale is at stake. Aidan is going to have to help. He can’t – but he just has to …



‘Sheena Wilkinson’s Too Many Ponies , set in Northern Ireland, deals successfully with both equine and young teen worlds, capturing their joys and disappointments and in the process making some shrewd observations about social and cultural pretension in Ulster.’ – Robert Dunbar, The Irish Times

‘One of the best pony stories of the year. 5 horseshoes – excellent!’

‘An exciting read for lovers of horses and underdog stories.’ Inis magazine

‘The characters are lively, brilliantly drawn, and the plot, although a standard pony competition affair, is handled so that the competition is not the whole point of the book. Sheena Wilkinson’s done what the best pony writers do: keep her human characters at the absolute centre of her book.’ – Books and Mud Blog

‘(Sheena Wilkinson) breathes fresh life into a pony tale set in Northern Ireland.’ Mary Shine Thompson, Irish Times

About Sheena Wilkinson

Sheena Wilkinson has won many awards for her fiction including five Children\'s Books Ireland Awards, most recently the Honour Award for Fiction for 2017\'s Star By Star, which was also shortlisted for the Irish Book Awards. Described in The Irish Times as \'one of our foremost writers for young people\', Sheena received a Major Award from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland in 2013. She teaches creative writing in settings ranging from universities to prisons and runs a young writers\' group in Belfast. Sheena lives in County Down where, when she\'s not writing or reading, she\'s either singing or walking in the forest -- sometimes at the same time.

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2 reviews for Too Many Ponies

  1. Little Island
    5 out of 5


    ‘Heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal measure … Emotionally charged and utterly believable, this is a novel that will remain with the reader long after the last page is read. Insightful, engaging and ultimately uplifting. Wilkinson has crafted an instant classic.’ – Inis Magazine, Children’s Books Ireland

  2. Bruno
    5 out of 5


    Amazing book!

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