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Things I Know

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Hard-hitting YA exploring suicide, mental illness and recovery, from the Carnegie-medal-nominated author of The Gone Book

Product Description

18-year-old Saoirse can’t wait to leave school – but just before the final exams her ex-boyfriend dies by suicide. Everyone blames Saoirse – even Saoirse herself, who cheated on him with his best friend. She is shunned by her schoolmates and suffers unbearable levels of anxiety, which her useless counsellor does nothing to alleviate. Saoirse feels herself flailing in swirling waters that threaten to suck her into the depths. No one can save her –  not her lovely nan; not the gorgeous boy who tries had to love her; not her fabulous best friend; and certainly not her cheap wisdom counsellor.

Can Saoirse, against all odds, rescue the self she used to know?


“Incredible 5 🌟read … I walked every heartache and pain, every high and low of this journey with Saoirse. Mental health issues are drawn so vividly and heartbreakingly, whilst also showing the love and laughs alongside.” – Karla’s Bookish Life

“An engaging, thought-provoking, moving read that sheds light on the realities of depression while offering honest glimmers of hope.” – LoveReading Expert Review

“Close has a great ear for dialogue and a keen eye for the often-stifling dynamics of small-town life … Read it – and buy a second copy to thrust into the hands of the next platitude-utterer you encounter.”  – Claire Hennessy, The Irish Times

“Tells a compelling story … without flinching from tackling dark topics including mental health and suicide.” – The Limerick Post

“An accurate portrayal of a young person’s challenges, this book is also full of hope, love and laughter.” – The Sunday Independent

“A beautifully crafted story.” – Paper Lanterns

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