The World’s Worst Mothers

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A competition to find the world’s worst mother brings Bruno, Sophie and Emily together. When their mothers disappear and strange women claiming to be their ‘Aunt Anna’ appear in their homes, the children must get together to figure out what’s really going on…

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Product Description

When they hear about a competition to find the world’s worst mother, Bruno and Sophie and Emily are all delighted to volunteer their annoying mothers. Their mothers duly disappear and are replaced by ideal ‘Aunt Annas’, who cook only the kids’ favourite foods and never make them do their homework or tidy their rooms. But the children soon discover that there is something sinister about these ‘Aunt Annas’, and they set out to rescue their real mums from the clutches of a crazy toymaker on a remote island. A fishy tale of betrayal, intrigue and adventure on the high seas – and the dog gets shot! Sabine Ludwig is an award-winning children’s author and translator.


‘The story is great fun and it really zips along … an excellent premise and credible protagonists … humour in abundance … This is a book that will be thoroughly enjoyed by the target audience. The dialogue is lively, there is no shortage of action and the novel exudes a spirited brio. Translated seamlessly by Siobhan Parkinson … a genuinely funny book …’ Inis magazine

‘Often hilarious’ Irish Examiner

‘Has more twists and turns than a game of “snake” and swings the reader on a rollercoaster of an adventure that is near impossible to set down.’ Teresa Doran, Books Ireland

‘This is wildcap escapist adventure story which could provoke thought and discussion on the nature of the mother-child relationship. … A clever, witty, amusing story with a suspense fuelled ending.’ The School Librarian

‘I would advise you to read it. It was really good. I would rate it 10/10.’ Katie, age 11

‘Fantastic’ Mary Esther Judy, bookseller and blogger at

‘Expertly translated’ Books for Keeps

‘… this story really zips along. … The dialogue is lively … Translated seamlessly by Siobhan Parkinson, this is a genuinely funny book.’ Recommended Reads 2012, age 9-11

I really enjoyed the book … (it was) very funny at times. At other times the book really has your blood pumping … Reading The World’s Worst Mothers was amazing.’ Molly Raftery, age 11.

‘I loved this brilliantly funny adventure/detective story. It is a must read for all the boys and girls who have ever considered trading in their mother for a better model. David Walliams fans: you’re in for a treat!’ Vivienne Luke,bookseller, Dubray Books, Rathmines, Dublin

Dubray Books Children’s Book of the Month, February 2011

About Sabine Ludwig

Sabine Ludwig was born in Berlin in 1954. After graduating, she worked as a radio editor. She is now one of Germany’s most successful writers for children, and she also translates the books of authors such as Eva Ibbotson and Kate DiCamillo from English into German. She lives in Berlin with her husband and daughter.

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