The Gone Book

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Matt’s mam left when he was 10. Now she’s back in town. Matt needs to find her, to finally deliver the truth.


White Raven Award 2021

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Product Description

I know you’ll hate me. I just know you will. But I can’t help it. I’m going to find you.

Matt’s mam left home when he was 10. He writes letters to her but doesn’t send them. He keeps them in his Gone Book, which he hides in his room. Five years of letters about his life. Five years of hurt.

Matt’s dad won’t talk about her. His older brother is mixed up with drugs and messing with dangerous characters. His friends, Mikey and Anna, are the best thing in his life, but Matt keeps pushing them away.

All Matt wants to do is skate, surf, and forget. But now his mam is back in town and Matt knows he needs to find her, to finally deliver the truth.

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WINNER of the White Raven Award 2021

SHORTLISTED for the Dept 51 @ Eason Teen and Young Adult Book of the Year, Irish Book Awards 2020

NOMINATED for the 2021 Carnegie Medal


“Dark and gritty and desperately sad and wildly funny, this is as real as writing gets. I was locked inside of Matt’s head for the duration, and I lived his whole mad summer. Every line rings perfectly true.” Donal Ryan

“A skillful and truthful novel from a wonderful storyteller.” Joseph O’Connor

“Achingly sad but hugely funny. A gritty story full of heart.” Sheena Wilkinson

“Helena Close’s YA debut The Gone Book is sure to make a big splash. From the memorable first line right through to the dramatic conclusion, the story hurtles along at a rapid rate, riding the crest of a massive wave and finally throwing its reader on Lahinch’s shoreline with a thump…Close is an incredible storyteller.” Books Ireland Magazine

“A remarkable narrative that throws the reader right into the story, this is a book that simply sings. Completely riveting  and relevant; filled with compassion and soul.” Fallen Star Stories

“I would highly recommend this book. It’s a chaotic read, full of twists and turns. It is gritty and realistic, and highlights the anguish of an absent parent and the strife of teenage friendships.” Paper Lanterns

“A heart-wrenching, hard punching, insightful narrative of life in modern Ireland.” Swear by the Books

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