The Fox's Tower

The Fox’s Tower

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The sequel to the acclaimed Wolfstongue (2021) sees a girl and her wolf friends take on the evils of the fox empire that rules the Forest

Product Description

When Willow witnesses her animal-loving father, Silas, get kidnapped by a group of foxes and a huge wolf-like creature, she pursues them into the woods. There she meets wolves who tell her they know her father. Together they boldly enter the enormous tower the foxes have built deep in the forest. In the tower Willow discovers the dark project of the chief fox, Reynard, to create new life forms from magical clay buried in the Deep Forest where few can enter. To rescue her dad Willow must brave the Deep Forest and dig deep in herself to foil Reynard’s evil scheme to remake the world – but she also finds herself siding with the foxes against their new oppressor, the charismatic but wicked lion Noble.



“A captivating, thought-provoking and fable-like tale … a triumphant follow-up to Wolfstongue.”  –  Eve McDonnell, author of The Chestnut Roaster

“Startlingly original. Sam Thompson is a visionary genius.”  –  Piers Torday, author of The Last Wild trilogy

“I was gasping and laughing as I read. (I may also have been crying a little.)” Read and Reviewed

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