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Run For Your Life

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A moving children’s book exploring Direct Provision, Ireland’s asylum-seeker accommodation system.

Product Description

The first children’s book exploring Direct Provision, Ireland’s asylum-seeker accommodation system, from Jane Mitchell, the award-winning author of Chalkline and A Dangerous Crossing

Azari’s life has been split in two and the halves are as different as lemons and mangoes. Running links the two parts of her life: sometimes when she runs it is because she wants to, because she feels strong and free. But sometimes it is because she has no other choice.

When Azari and her mother flee for their lives to Ireland they are put in a Direct Provision Centre. They must share a room with a stranger, eat food they don’t know the name of and answer intrusive questions from authorities.

Azari’s life has secrets; she must tell them so she can stop running and live a life where she can make her own decisions.


Endorsed by Amnesty International.




“Showing the fragile yet resilient humanity at the heart of refugee journeys … Run For Your Life is a book which should make us all reflect on how we in more peaceful, prosperous and safe countries receive those seeking protection.” Immigrant Council of Ireland

“Mitchell researched this novel meticulously and portrays life in direct provision starkly and honestly.” Sarah Webb, Irish Independent

“It is important – but it is also a skilfully structured novel.” Claire Hennessy, The Irish Times

“A gripping read.” Pat Kenny, Newstalk

“Stirring, honest and deeply compassionate.”  LoveReading4Kids

“Stop everything and read this right now … Extraordinary, moving, consuming and very, very real. I couldn’t put it down.” Fallen Star Stories

“I was marking quotes as I went along, but I ended up with so many I couldn’t choose. There are so many moments in this story that absolutely shine.” Read and Reviewed

“Very much a book for our time … It’s one of those books that grabs your heart.” The John Toal Show

“A hard-hitting new novel.” The Echo

“A courageous story of having and fulfilling a dream.” The Meath Chronicle 

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