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The final instalment in the trilogy of diaries from Primrose Leary.

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In the event of my untimely death, please burn this unread.  

No, don’t DO it! Prim’s alive (though the dashing Roderick is, alas, no more). She’s sixteen. She’s trying to make sense of her mum’s diaries. She is trying desperately to make Joel be friends with her again, but he’s all friends with Karen (aka the devil) now, and Prim’s found a boy called Robb-with-two-bees, and then there’s Steve the Goblin, and her dad’s getting together with you’ll-never-guess-who, and as for what’s going on with Ciara and Syzmon … Everything’s a little imperfect.

Desperately funny. Desperately touching.

The final instalment in the diaries of Primrose Leary.












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‘We are prepared for a popular theme in contemporary young-adult fiction, but rarely is the path towards survival tracked with such humour or with such insight into the confusions of adolescent friendships, rivalries or relationships, social or sexual… The strength of Sullivan’s writing lies in her ability to portray her characters in the round, imperfections included, and to create for them a way of speaking that sparkles with authenticity.’ Robert Dunbar, The Irish Times

‘Prim is hilarious, she’s smart, she’s a feminist character – but she’s absolutely imperfect… Sullivan’s novel is a wonderful finale to the trilogy, a series of books any Irish person should read. Even as she’s disappointing everyone around her, Prim will charm the socks off you, again and again and again.’ – The Looking Glass Magazine.

‘I loved Prim, the main character,so much that I desperately wanted her to exist in real life so that I could befriend her. She was sharp, funny and flawed, i.e she was a real human being. I loved that she was clearly a feminist and knew her own mind, I loved that she made mistakes and could recognise that in herself, what an amazing role model for any young teenager reading this book … Sullivan NAILED the voice of a teenager which is a lot harder to do than one might think … I loved this book. It’s funny and touching and smart and sharp. Buy it!’ – Louise O’Neill, author

‘As always, Prim’s voice was strong and the books have a quirky charm. As in Improper Order, there is a brilliant balance between humour and very sensitive topics; I laughed out loud and I cried.’ –  Jenny Duffy, The Books, the Art and Me Blog

‘Funny and sad and smart and true – this is a great book and a brilliant ending to a truly wonderful series.’ – Karina Clifford, Goodreads reader

‘The novel is well-written and brilliantly paced and as it ended it left me feeling like all I wanted was a fourth book… What makes this read so terrific is its relatability to the reader… I highly recommend this read.’ Gobblefunked Children’s Book Blog

‘Few writers deal so sensitively, so convincingly and so intelligently with the ups and downs, hopes and disappointments – the realities – of young adulthood. Read these diaries – laugh, and weep.’ – Judges, CBI Book of the Year Award 2015

‘Ireland has a notable tradition of successful literary works for young adults and in Deirdre Sullivan’s work we see an emerging voice of tremendous vivacity.’ – Conor Kostick, President of the Irish jury for the EU Prize for Literature 2015

‘Upon first glance, I had thought these novels would be middle grade, light hearted sort of reads. I did not account for the range of difficult topics, character emotions and resonating story the books would hold. Through out the series Deirdre Sullivan writes about deep issues that affect Prim, from grief and loss, to parental separation, friendship, growing up, love and mental health. Deirdre Sullivan writes all of these issues with such honesty and does not rose-tint or sugar coat any of the more difficult themes. This made the story of Prim feel so real and really allows for the reader to sympathise with Prim and her family.’ – Shannon, Adventures of a Teenage Bookworm

About Deirdre Sullivan

Deirdre Sullivan is from Galway now living in Dublin and working as a teacher. She has established a reputation as a leading Irish YA author following her hugely praised Needlework, which won the Honour Award for Fiction at the Children’s Books Ireland Awards and was shortlisted for the Irish Book Awards. Her Primrose Leary series was also widely acclaimed; two of the Prim books were shortlisted for the Children’s Books Ireland awards; and the final one, Primperfect, was also shortlisted for the European Prize for Literature.

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