Prim Improper

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13-year-old Prim Leary has moved in with her moustachioed dad and she doesn’t like it one bit. She misses her mum, but at least she has her pet rat Roderick for company and her best friend Joel, even though he’s gone to boy school.

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Primrose Leary has just started secondary school.

Likes: her pet rat, Roderick; her best friend, Joel; being a little bit different (but not in the weird different sense – she wouldn’t like to be the only bald girl in her class or the only girl who always smelled of ham, or anything).

Dislikes: living with Fintan (her moustachioed dad); the boy-school that Joel’s toddled off to without her; not having her mum around any more. Hilariously and cleverly written, Prim Improper is the debut novel from Deirdre Sullivan.


‘A writer with a sparkling talent … her first novel for young teens is even more hilarious and touching than I could possibly have imagined.’ Siobhán Parkinson

‘… written with a light touch and a good ear for teenage vernacular. It should strike a chord with girls who know just how hard it is to be 13 …’ Inis magazine

‘… the best children’s-fiction debut I’ve read in a long time … Few authors can write hilarious books about serious subjects without awkward shifts in tone, but Sullivan pulls it off brilliantly … one of the most entertaining books … that I’ve read this year.’ Anna Carey, The Irish Times

‘… hilariously written, very clever and an original, addictive read … Her voice is genuine and free-flowing, her character brilliantly developed. A joy to read and very memorable.’ Mary Esther Judy,

 ‘… wit and style …’ Robert Dunbar, The Irish Times

 ‘A wonderful, funny, human book which will make you sigh, smile and cackle in turn. A moving, funny take on the hopes and fears of a smart, sassy 13 year old girl.’ Karina, bookshelves blog

‘So original … It had a sort of addictive quality to it – like you couldn’t put it down!’ Bríd, 14, Leitrim

‘Truly a great book.’ Chloe, 13, Waterford

‘Really, really good’ Nuala, 11, Leitrim

Prim Improper distinguishes itself from its peers with its contagious sense of humour … making a lasting impression.’ Inis magazine

About Deirdre Sullivan

Deirdre Sullivan is from Galway now living in Dublin and working as a teacher. She has established a reputation as a leading Irish YA author following her hugely praised Needlework, which won the Honour Award for Fiction at the Children’s Books Ireland Awards and was shortlisted for the Irish Book Awards. Her Primrose Leary series was also widely acclaimed; two of the Prim books were shortlisted for the Children’s Books Ireland awards; and the final one, Primperfect, was also shortlisted for the European Prize for Literature.

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