The Nightmare Club 8: The Hatching

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The newest tale in the Nightmare Club series – a collection of spooky stories for age 7+.

Product Description

So what is the most innocent, least spooky thing you can imagine? An egg, right?

Right. It’s perfectly smooth all over. It’s totally natural. It can’t talk. It can’t put a curse on you. It doesn’t have a soul so it can’t haunt you.

Hah! Wrong! How about an egg that just won’t go away. Or one that hatches and out comes …

Read the book and find out – if you dare!

About Annie Graves

Annie Graves is twelve years old, and she has no intention of ever growing up. She is, conveniently, an orphan, and lives at an undisclosed address in the Glasnevin area of Dublin with her pet toad, Much Misunderstood, and a small black kitten, Hugh Shalby Nameless. You needn’t think she goes to school – pah! – or has anything as dull as brothers and sisters or hobbies, but let’s just say she keeps a large saucepan bubbling on the stove.Annie Graves is a prolific writer of children\'s books. She writes all the Nightmare Club titles HERSELF, but various authors CLAIM to have helped her: Deirdre Sullivan, Alice Stevens, Katherine Farmar, Oisín McGann, David Maybury, Sarah Purcell, Dave Rudden.Publisher’s note: We did try to take a picture of Annie, but her face just kept fading away. We have sent our camera for investigation, but suspect the worst. You\'ll just have to make do with an artist\'s impression of this amazing writer of children\'s books.

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  1. cindy
    5 out of 5


    i love all the books!!!

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