My Secret Dragon

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A heartwarming and exciting adventure story exploring the theme of difference and being proud of who you – and your family – are

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‘A smashing romp. The writing is excellent.’ – Celine Kiernan, author of Begone the Raggedy Witches 

‘Unforgettable characters and page-turning action’ – ER Murray, author of the Book of Learning trilogy


Aidan has spent most of his life keeping a low profile because his mum has a terrible secret – one that he can’t be trusted to keep if he mixes too much with other kids or goes to school. You see, Aidan’s mum is part-dragon. She has scales and claws and can breathe fire. But she is terrified of anyone finding out.

When Aidan’s mum suddenly disappears, Aidan and his best friend Charlotte set out on a dangerous adventure to find her. They track her to a murky research laboratory on the other side of the country, and there they find several other part-mythic-beast people all in the thrall of an evil scientist who is hell-bent on stealing their special powers for himself. Aidan and Charlotte have to find a way to rescue Dr Krinsky’s victims from the horrors of his lab and bring his mum back home safe and sound.

Publisher Siobhán Parkinson says ‘As well as being a terrific adventure story, this is a book about difference and family and friendship and what it is to be a decent human being — and then there are recipes. I mean, recipes and dragons and adventure and friendship. What’s not to like about this daft, funny, touching, magic adventure story!’

Cooking and baking also feature heavily throughout the book, and readers will find all the recipes for Aidan and Charlotte’s magnificent creations in the back of the book! The recipes include things like Crunchie Bar-Nana Bread, Honey-Raisin-Avocado Ice-Cream, and Hula-Hoop Cupcakes.












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‘Lively and cannily told, this rollicking adventure mixes sci-fi, fantasy and ancient mythology… The mix of ordinary life and fantasy is very well handled, and the narrative – mostly handled by Aidan but with interjections from Charlotte, and a mysterious third voice – will keep everyone on tenterhooks.’ – Andrea Reece, LoveReading4Kids

‘Part heart-warming family drama (my favourite scenes are between Aidan and his mother), part rip-roaring kidnapping yarn, this story is a clever blend of realism and fantasy for children who like adventure tales with lashings of humour and heart.’ – The Irish Independent

‘Filled with heart and exciting twists and turns, My Secret Dragon is utterly wonderful. As well as being a great adventure story, it is about friendship and family, acceptance and difference and how to find the courage to do the impossible when it really matters. The characters are well-described, the plot is truly ingenious and it is really funny… Humorous, compassionate, dynamic and heart-felt, it’s a real gem.’ – Mary Esther Judy, reviewer and bookseller

‘A fun-filled mystery adventure, with mythical creatures and a near-death experience, that will make you laugh and cry right to the very end.’ – Inis Reading Guide, Children’s Books Ireland

‘It’s not always easy to fit in, especially if you’ve just started in a new school and your mother is half dragon! Fans of adventure, especially ones who love dragons, baking and Greek myths, will adore Debbie Thomas’s latest tale or should I say tail … Through friendship, inventing recipes, finding the courage to stand out, but most importantly, standing up for your loved ones, Aidan Mooney overcomes his fears and crippling shame about his family secret. Exploring themes of anxiety, acceptance, isolation and loyalty, with just the right amount of humour thrown in for good measure, My Secret Dragon is sure to become a flaming-hot read for the start of the chilly season.’ – RTÉ Junior

‘This novel, packed with white-knuckle action and strong characters, will keep kids completely in its thrall’ – The Meath Chronicle

About Debbie Thomas

Debbie Thomas trained as a BBC radio journalist. She lived in Bangladesh and South Africa for ten years where she worked for aid agencies. She now lives in County Kildare with her husband and three daughters and has written four books for children: the Abbie Hartley trilogy and Class Act. She is the Writer in Residence at Crumlin Children’s Hospital and a board member of the Irish section of IBBY (the International Board on Books for Young People).

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