The Free Range Detective Agency: Murder Most Fowl


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A playful and brilliantly funny take on detective noir fiction with an all-animal cast of characters.

Product Description

‘I laughed so much I laid an egg. I wish I wrote it. GENIUS.’
Dustin the Turkey

Shady snakes, thuggish pigs, a cat in a fur coat and a mystery to be solved. The Free Range Detective Agency is on the case!

Seamus the private investigator is no chicken. He’s a turkey. And after the disastrous case of the Rampaging Rhinoceros, his feathers are a little ruffled.

This turkey always knew he shouldn’t trust a cat in a fur coat, but when Ms Ermine comes slinking in with a clawful of cash, he just can’t say no. Soon he’s up to his beak in a case involving a sinister snake, pigs with piercings and a meerkat called Elvis.

‘Absolutely ridiculous. Who would trust a turkey to solve a murder?’
Sherlock Holmes


About Jed Lynch

Jed Lynch is a human author from Cork. The Free Range Detective Agency is the first thing that he has co-written with a turkey. Seamus provides the exciting storylines based on the cases he has worked, as well as all of the feathers, wings, and beaks in the partnership. Jed, on the other hand, provides the hands.

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