Colour of People

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A wordless picturebook takes a playful look at the idea of race, and shows us that we are all the same – whatever colour we happen to be.


Product Description

People come in different colours. But no matter what they look like, people all eat when they’re hungry, shiver when they’re cold, smile when they’re happy.

Originally published in Brazil, this wordless picturebook takes a playful look at the idea of race, and shows us that we are all the same – whatever colour we happen to be.

Little Island is committed to publishing books that break down prejudice and remind young readers that all people are equal. Following the success of Declaration of the Rights of Boys and Girls (2017), a picturebook about being your true self regardless of gender, Colour of People takes a close look at and through race and colour, revealing a simple truth: difference is only skin deep and we are all the same.

The wordless nature of this beautiful picturebook also makes it accessible to readers of any age and of any background, with no barriers of language for non-English speakers


Editor’s Choice in the Children’s Books Ireland Reading Guide 2018

‘Extraordinarily simple and complex all at once, silently shouting a basic truth about the human condition: we are all different, we are all the same.’ – Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick, award-winning picturebook author/artist

‘A powerful wordless exploration of the paradigms surrounding skin colour, Colour of People gently breaks the barriers of racism and invites readers to question their own human connections.’ – Tarsila Kruse, picturebook artist

‘A stunning book – a book for all mankind’ – Patricia Forde, author of The Wordsmith

 ‘A thought-provoking and innovative way to introduce children to the concept of diversity.’ – Immigrant Council of Ireland

‘Playful without being didactic, this is one every school library should have’ – Children’s Books Ireland Reading Guide 2018

‘This is the perfect discussion starter for younger children about race, especially as it introduces the topic in a light-hearted way, with a simple and important message at its heart. I liked the simple, playful illustrations, the fact that it is a wordless book so you can make your own interpretations and conclusions, the message at the heart of the book; that we are all more similar than we are different.’ – Chikaru


About Mauricio Negro

Mauricio Negro is a Brazilian graphic artist, illustrator and writer. He has collaborated on over one hundred books by Brazilian and foreign writers for more than twenty years. He uses natural pigments, recycled material, organic elements and technology to create his work.

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