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Book Selection Box for Young Children (4+)

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We are pleased to offer Book Selection Boxes for all ages over the festive period. These will be gift-wrapped for free and if you put the recipient’s address in the delivery field, we can send the books to them directly with a gift tag so they know who it is from.

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Product Description

Young children will enjoy feasting on the delicious stack of picturebooks found in the Book Selection Box for 4+. From illustrated poetry and short stories, to delightful stories about having adventures, overcoming fear, and using persuasive skills, these books will be read and re-read time and time again.

Which Books are Included in the Book Selection Box?

4+ Book Selection BoxAll Better  is a beautiful collection of poems and rhymes. Written by Catherine Ann Cullen and Inese Zandere. Illustrated by Reinis Petersons. Everyone hates going to the doctor – taking their medicine, having their temperature taken, having to go for surgery. None of it’s fun. These poems make being sick a little less scary.

Siobhán Parkinson’s Alexandra is a cosy collection of four very short stories. Alexandra’s adventures include changing her name, bedtime fears and a plaster disaster. Written by Ireland’s first Children’s Laureate. Illustrated by Carol Betera.

Not Without My Tractor!  is written by Finn-Ole Heinrich and Dita Zipfel. It follows the funny argument between parent and child about whether their tractor can come to the big city. A fun and colourful read for all young tractor fans. Illustrated by Halina Kirscher.

In To the Island, Patricia Forde’s Fia looks out her window and across the bay. She longs to see the mythical island of Hy Brasil, which appears and disappears in the water. She slips out of bed, walks across a moonbeam and arrives at the island. She walks with magical creatures, dances with a host of girls and boys, and visits the bottom of the sea and the stars in space. Fia returns to the town, and follows the small compass of her heart – all the way home.

Finally, in Imagine!  by Patricia Forde, little girl confides her fears in her grandma. Each time, her grandma teaches her how to overcome her fear by using her imagination. The big dog isn’t so scary anymore when you imagine him on rollerskates! And pirates aren’t so frightening once they put away their swords and start playing with their dolls!

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