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Illustration by Oisín McGann from A Short, Hopeful Guide to Climate Change

Book Selection Box (12 Plus)

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We are pleased to offer Book Selection Boxes for all ages over the festive period. These will be gift-wrapped for free and if you put the recipient’s address in the delivery field, we can send the books to them directly with a gift tag so they know who it is from.

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Which Books are Included in the Book Selection Box?

Wrapped 12+ selection boxThis appetizing bundle of books will appeal to voracious teen readers. The Book Selection Box (12 Plus) is packed with fact and fiction.

Bank by Emma Quigley is an action-packed, funny story about the rise and fall of a bank set up by schoolfriends.  With sure-fire investments like a dating app and performing piglets, our lunch-break bankers are on a roll. But everything that booms must bust!

In James Butler’s Dangerous Games, Kevin’s older brother Adam has turned into a bad guy since their da died. And then there’s Uncle Davy, just out of prison and back to old habits. When Kevin meets Conor, a friendship forms – but both boys soon find themselves caught up in a dangerous game.

In A Short, Hopeful Guide to Climate Change, Oisín McGann explains Climate Change science and encourages readers to be a part of positive change by getting involved in the global movement to fight humanity’s biggest challenge. Published in association with Friends of the Earth Ireland.

Rocking the System by Siobhán Parkinson is a collection of twenty illustrated essays. The subjects are historical and contemporary Irish women, who in some way rocked the system. The subjects include rebels of all kinds, from Queen Medb to Eileen Gray, and from Constance Markievicz to Sonia O’Sullivan.

With their hunger for history rising, they can enjoy Sheena Wilkinson’s  award-winning Star by Star, a  tale of suffragettes and heroes, courage and survival, as war ends, flu sweeps the land – and women get to vote!

Finally, there’s Patricia Forde’s The Wordsmith, a dystopian story about how words make us who we are. Letta is promoted from apprentice to wordsmith, charged with collecting and archiving words. When she uncovers a plan to suppress language, she must save not only words, but culture itself.


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