How Billy Brown saved the Queen

How Billy Brown Saved the Queen

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A fantastically funny adventure for young readers by new Irish children’s author, Alison Healy, illustrated by established Irish artist Fintan Taite.

Product Description

What do you do when the Queen is struggling with a knotty maths problem that only you, Billy Brown, can explain? You travel to her palace in the middle of the night and help the nation, of course! In return, the Queen now wants to come and visit – and you can’t say no to royalty.

But the Queen’s suitcase contains two tiaras, a spare crown, three evening gowns, a silk dress and a pair of green wellingtons – nothing remotely suitable for visiting the bottle bank. Fitting in is tricky when you’re so magnificently different.

A right royal riot of a read!

How Billy Brown saved the Queen

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‘Clever, quirky and oodles of queenly fun – suffering ducks, one was most amused!’ – Alan Nolan, author and illustrator

‘The humour is ideal for early readers and the chapters are punctuated by Taite’s inky black and white illustrations.’ – Inis Reading Guide, Children’s Books Ireland

‘Fintan Taite’s impressive and delightfully detailed illustrations are peppered throughout, lifting the pages with even more light-hearted humour. Alison Healy’s How Billy Brown Saved the Queen is an hilarious adventure about friendship, mathematics and celebrating difference. An ideal gift, and one to be treasured, especially for readers who find maths tricky – like this one!’ – RTÉ Junior Bookclub


About Alison Healy

Alison Healy has worked as a journalist with the Irish Times for almost 17 years. She specialises in food and farming issues but is currently on a career break, working as a ghost writer and on her children’s fiction. How Billy Brown Saved the Queen is her first children’s book.

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1 review for How Billy Brown Saved the Queen

  1. David
    5 out of 5


    Hi . I’m a David o Donovan . In a ten year old boy from cork . I’m reading your book right now I’m on chapter 12 and I LOVE it so much !
    It’s so different than anything I’ve ever read before .
    It’s so fun it’s so unexpected and dramatic to me and also such a royal riot !
    Are you going to bring out a sequel to the book because I would love it ❤️ Thank you

    David o Donovan

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