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Baby Teeth

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A unique verse novel of queer love, lust, and vampires. From the award-winning author of The Deepest Breath and The Space Between.

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The blood
Feeds the hunger
That threatens everything

It starts when Claudia offers her a yellow rose.
Immy has been in love before – many times, across many lifetimes. But never as deeply, as intensely as this.
Claudia has never been in love like this before either. But then, this is her first time with a vampire.
The forbidden thirst for blood runs deep in Immy. And within her mind clamour the voices, of all the others she has been, their desires, and their wrongs.


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Shortlisted for the An Post Irish Book Awards, Teen and Young Adult category, 2021


“A fresh, dark take on the vampire myth and desire, Baby Teeth shows vampires haunted by their pasts and memories, where immortality is not one long life but a broken patchwork of different experiences. It will twine around your heart and bite, ever so gently. I adored it.” – Helen Corcoran

“Grehan’s verse novel skilfully charts uncertainty, temptation and the course of a strange, desperate love.” – Imogen Russell Williams, The Guardian

“Grehan is not the first Irish writer to push the boundaries of vampire fiction … Yet Grehan delves much deeper into the risky relationship between vampire and lover, as a means of exploring modern LGBTQ identity for her young adult readership.” – Pet O’Connell, The Echo

“Delicious and unsettling.”– Claire Hennessy, The Irish Times 

“Grehan evocatively conjures Immy’s tragic sense of isolation and hard-won self-acceptance.” –  The Financial Times

“It’s personal. Powerful. Passionate.”  – Hanna-Rose Sullivan, Paper Lanterns

“Expressive, strong, and compelling.” – Francesca Magnabosco, Armadillo Magazine

“Absolutely beautiful.” – Down the Rabbit Hole

“Grehan keeps the vampiric vibes flowing with this unique, darkly beautiful and emotional read.” – CultureFly

“Emotionally rich and gloriously queer.” – Kirkus

“This book is heady, it pulls you into it, capturing so beautifully love and longing, particularly between women. A moving story of what it is to be accepted for who you are completely.” – ***** reader review, Swear by the Books

“By linking vampirism to themes of queer desire and community as well as repeating personal cycles, Grehan freshens an old trope, building both a central romance and lifetimes-long connections that are by turns realistically sweet and thorny.” – Publishers Weekly

“This enchanting work is an excellent addition to LGBTQIA+ and verse novel collections.” – School Library Journal

“Very weirdly uniquely wonderful.” – ***** reader review, NetGalley

“I’ll be delighted to recommend this book to a wide range of folks who are looking for something fresh and attractive.” – reader review, NetGalley

“Soft and sweet, tender and dark, and helplessly sad. The desire-filled romance evokes a specific type of fresh, earthy, heartfelt sapphic wonder which I absolutely adore.”  – reader review, NetGalley

“A really engaging read.” – reader review, NetGalley

“I am such a sucker for a novel in verse and this was excellent.” – reader review, NetGalley

“I recommend it to anyone who needs more sapphic vampires in their lives.” – reader review, NetGalley

“I highly recommend this book, especially if you love paranormal stories or just want to try out a lyrical novel in verse story. BUT SERIOUSLY A NOVEL IN VERSE FEATURING A SAPPHIC VAMPIRE!! YOU ALL NEED IT.” – ***** reader review, NetGalley

“An absolutely lovely little book with beautiful writing. There needs to be more sapphic vampires because hello wow.” – reader review, NetGalley

“Recommend for those looking for something new in their reading routine.” – reader review, NetGalley

“…queer vampire stories are still relatively uncommon, and this will be welcomed.” – Booklist

“Baby Teeth is an unexpected LGBTQ+ novel in verse; it takes elements of horror and mixes them with romance, resulting in a changeling of a book that reimagines vampire myths for the twenty-first century.” – Foreword Reviews

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1 review for Baby Teeth

  1. Katie
    5 out of 5


    Stunning flow. I cannot recommend enough. Emotion in its rawest form.

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