Leena Parkkinen

About Leena Parkkinen

Leena Parkkinen is a third generation storyteller. She hails from a family in which a good tale has always been appreciated more than the truth. At parties, her grandfather used to attract an audience who would listen to him in silence. His son, Leena\'s father, became a famous children\'s author.Leena Parkkinen was by no means always going to be a writer: as a child, she dreamt of becoming an artist. When she ran out of paper, she drew on envelopes, till receipts and walls. Her childish scrawls could even be found on her father’s tax return.Leena became a student of graphic design, because her mother was of the opinion that she should get a proper job first, before doing other, more enjoyable things. She is well known in Finland as a writer of books for adults. Cow Belle Beauty Queen is her first book for children.

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