Juliette Saumande

About Juliette Saumande

Juliette is writer of children\'s books. She is also French. That means:• she knows two hundred and thirty one words for ‘cheese’ (and a few more for ‘smelly’);• she speaks French to her two cats (though they usually pretend to only understand English) and• she believes warm summers are for real, somewhere.Now, though, she lives in Dublin where she has learned:• two hundred and thirty one words for ‘rain’;• the art of climbing on the top deck of the 40 bus and• the delights of toasted sandwiches.She’s written a good number of picturebooks for younger children in French (because she can) and she’s also translated books for young and younger people. You can have a look at her website or her blog if you want. Chop, Chop, Madcap is her first children\'s book written directly in English (because she also can).Juliette lives with her better, more bearded half and her Best Boy and French Lady. She loves liquorice, but she thinks Crunchies should be banned and their recipe thrown into a bottomless chasm. She also loves children\'s books, even the ones she didn\'t write herself. She wishes you a good day.

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