We’re starting a new and gorgeous project with Sheena Wilkinson, author of Star by Star, from this Sunday 14th January.  Sheena will write one postcard each month to a woman who influenced her, inspired her, helped her – and the postcard is her thank you. They will appear on our blog on the 14th of every month, right up to the end of the year!

Sheena wrote on the wonderful History Girls blog about Hanna Sheehy Skeffington and the project:

‘Though one of the suffragette’s slogans was Deeds Not Words, words are important. This year, I’m going to take time every month to thank a woman who deserves it. I’ll remember women from history, women today, and even fictional women – who doesn’t feel gratitude to Jo March? My lovely publishers Little Island have produced these beautiful postcards, with space on the back for a message ‘for a woman who inspires you’.  On the 14th of each month they’ll print my postcard on their blog at www.littleisland.ie. The last postcard will be printed on 14th December 2018, the centenary of the 1918 election.

‘You can join in! The postcards will be distributed to selected bookshops, and I’ll be giving them out at school visits. Or if you ask the good people at Little Island very nicely, they might send you one… as long as you promise to send it on with a message, and take a picture to share with us. Or of course, you can use your own postcard. All you need are the words, and a woman to thank.’

So watch this space for the first postcard this Sunday. In the mean time, write to us on social media or through our Contact Form to request your own postcard, and start thinking about what amazing woman you want to thank.


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