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Bonjour everyone!

As its collection of international books suggests, Little Island is curious about the world and believes in the benefits of travelling, getting to know different cultures and broadening one’s mind. 

I am living proof of this! Let me introduce myself: I am Aurélie, a French student in publishing at the University of Strasbourg. Part of my course requires learning outside of the classroom through an internship, and I got the chance to receive an Erasmus+ grant … and thus I came to Little Island. 

How did I find myself at an Irish publishing house, you might wonder? 

I am fueled by my interest in foreign languages and cultures as well as my passion for books of course, especially children’s books.

Little Island’s diverse catalogue, with dynamic and meaningful stories, caught my attention. I connected with the team and realised their interest in diversity and international voices extended beyond the written page. 

We agreed I would join them for six months to contribute to developing a varied collection of books for young and older minds. So I packed my bags, ready to discover the everyday workings of a small, independent press.

I’ve learnt a lot during this internship but perhaps what has surprised me most has been noticing that publishing in France and in Ireland are different. This is why I would like to share my experience with you through a series of blog posts about the differences and similarities in publishing on both sides of the Celtic Sea and, more generally, between the French- and English-speaking publishing worlds.

Curious about the book community and how it works? Interested in cultural differences and exchanges?

Get on board, let’s take some distance away from the shores of our Little Island, and explore!

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