The Mother of all blog tours!

If you follow us on any of our social media channels, you’ll know that our wonderful author Patricia Forde was touring this month – without even leaving her home! Eight brilliant blogs invited Patricia for interviews and conversations, discussing everything from her writing process and finding an agent, to world building and how she created her new book MOTHER TONGUE.

In case you missed any of the stops, we’ve put together a handy summary of the Mother of all blog tours! Just click on any blog name to read the entire post on their website.

Fallen Star Stories

Mary conducted an insightful interview with Patricia about forgotten voices, lost children and the mother tongue. She also shared some lovely artwork made by children in response to the concept behind MOTHER TONGUE and THE WORDSMITH.

The Reader Teacher

Scott included an extract, a review and a guest post by Patricia, where she focused on where she gets her ideas for her books.

“For Letta is one of the best heroines… Steadfast, strong and unwaveringly resilient, she is the driving force behind why this series is becoming so revered.”

The Teen Librarian

Caroline posted a lovely review as well as an amazing guest post by Patricia about the need to keep words alive.

“Mother Tongue, and predecessor The Wordsmith, are both brilliantly devised stories.”

The Book Activist

A great review of MOTHER TONGUE and a guest blog post on extinction by Patricia!

“Totally enthralling … a world where the horror of climate change has been realised but despite the despair, the hope of humanity lives on.”

A Little But a Lot

Steph posted a wonderful piece written by Patricia all about her inspiration behind MOTHER TONGUE.

“It’s only when a novel is written, and left to cool for a while, that I understand what inspired it. While I am writing it, I am just telling a story, following a trail of breadcrumbs, with no idea where they will lead.”

Drawing on Books

Zoe gave MOTHER TONGUE an astounding 5* review and spoke to Patricia about the challenge of inventing an imaginary world.

“This vivid world and courageous heroine will enthral readers and is ideal for book clubs.”

Book Murmuration

Lou has written a wonderful review of MOTHER TONGUE and invited Patricia to write a moving piece about the power of words.

“Letta is a fantastic protagonist … contemplative, doubting of herself but firm in her resolve. Her strength comes from a rounded mix of qualities.”

Madge Eekal Reviews

A wonderful interview with Patricia where they discuss all things writing, publishing and agents!

“I’m not sure I ever knew that I wanted to be a writer but as a child I loved to tell stories. This often led me into trouble when my overactive imagination would regularly embellish the truth!”

Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers who were involved in this blog tour.

If you’d like to buy a copy of MOTHER TONGUE or any of Patricia Forde’s books, you can do so here.

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