Little Island’s first audiobook – Hopscotch in the Sky

Things never stay the same for long on Little Island. We’re just off on a new voyage of discovery and adventure: our first children’s audiobook is here!

As if that is not exciting enough – it’s a book of poems. Our beautiful Hopscotch in the Sky – poems by Lucinda Jacob and illustration by Lauren O’Neill – was published last year as a handsome hardback. The book takes readers on a poetic journey (we are all about journeys and voyages on this island) through the seasons – starting with a soft green palette for the spring poems; gradually brightening into yellows as summer starts; flaring into oranges and reds in autumn; and gradually frosting over, icy blue, as winter poems take us to the year’s end.

And now children can listen as they read. Or just listen. One of Ireland’s national literary treasures, the chocolate-voiced novelist Jennifer Johnston, reads Lucinda’s super poems, and Enda Reilly’s delightful musical settings ripple and sing all the way from spring to Christmas. A lovely way to discover or rediscover the poems, and a whole new way to experience poetry.

Watch this video to get a taster:

There is an astonishing variety of poems here: everything from a haiku to a rondel to a cinquain, from rhyming couplets to free verse and playful story-poems.

The new Hopscotch audiobook allows you to listen along as you enjoy the printed book with its gorgeous pictures, or just to listen for now and maybe take a look at the hardback volume another time. And if you really love poetry and you’d like to try your hand at writing your own, you are also welcome to download (for free) the Hopscotch in the Sky Poetry Kit – written by the poet and based on her extensive experience working with children and poetry – right from the Little Island website.

The audiobook is available from Amazon, Audible or


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