International Books

We understand. Books in translation can be a little intimidating. Names where there are little dots over the letters scare you. Right? But you know what? It’s only ever the names that are in Foreign on our international books, because the books have all been translated. We at Little Island go to a lot of trouble to make sure that when you open the book, the words on the inside are all in English.

And we do that because we want you to be able to read them. There are plenty of books written in English – which is great news for people like us, who speak English – but we think that it’s a good idea sometimes to read a book that comes from a different place, that has a different kind of story to tell. Reading a book that comes from a different country is a bit like travel – it broadens the mind. And we at Little Island are all in favour of nice broad minds – they are so much more interesting than minds that never read a book originally written in French or German. So we do our best to find books from other countries that English-speaking kids might like to read, and then we publish them in English.

And here they are!

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