Wulfie: Stage Fright

Wulfie: Activity Pages

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Download a selection of fun free activities, including colouring pages, writing exercises, and more, from Lindsay J Sedgwick’s Wulfie: Stage Fright
and Wulfie: Beast in Show

Product Description

We are proud to share a collection of free downloadable activity sheets to accompany Lindsay J Sedgwick’s Wulfie: Stage Fright  and Wulfie: Beast in Show.

Illustrations by Josephine Wolff, design by Catherine Gaffney and Rosa Devine.

Click the links below to download.


Make Your Own Dress-Up Mask

Colour with Wulfie

Wulfie Wordsearch

Wulfie’s How to be a Wulfen Guide

Silly Tasks List

Act Out a Scene from The Big Bad Wolf Learns His Lesson

Write Your Own Play

Draw Wulfie’s Favourite Foods

Writing Exercise: Describe Lupuslandia

Create special-agent tasks for Wulfie

Draw a dog that might win you the SNOB award


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