To The Island

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Galway musician Anna Mullarkey composed this dream-like song bringing Fia’s adventure to life! Click on the link below to open a new window where you can listen and share the song on social media.

To the Island – English

Enjoy the music as you read and enter the mythical space of Hy Brasil together with Fia.

Product Description

Fia looks out her window and across the bay. She longs to see the mythical island of Hy Brasil, which appears and disappears in the water.

She slips out of bed, walks across a moonbeam and arrives at the island. She walks with magical creatures, dances with a host of girls and boys, and visits the bottom of the sea and the stars in space.

Finally, Fia returns to the town, and follows the small compass of her heart – all the way home.

Lyrical text with gorgeous colour illustrations, from a multi-award-winning Irish author. Based on the mythical Irish island of Hy Brasil, which lies off the west coast of Galway.



‘To the Island is an enchanting picture book … a tale that’s imbued with old magic and folklore.’ – Rachel Caddick, Get Kids into Books

‘With lyrical writing, Patricia Forde has created a journey that is filled with magic, imagination and swirling, textural imagery that is echoed to perfection in the beautiful illustrations by Nicola Bernardelli … Evocative, magical, soothing and full of quiet, glorious wonder.’ – Mary Esther Judy, Fallen Star Stories

‘Nicola Bernardelli’s illustrations are suffused with light and glimmering tendrils of magic, which spin through a blushing twilight sky … The city’s natives and visitors alike will enjoy identifying landmarks as much as learning of the local legend.’ – Sara Keating, The Irish Times

‘Beautiful, ethereal, magical. This original picture book captures the imagination of all who read it; it genuinely feels you are holding something magical in your hands.’ –  Joanna Hewish, Reading Zone

‘It is quite unusual to find a full fantasy adventure as a picture book. This is not a story that talks down to children in any way. The language used is rich and evocative and the atmosphere beautifully captured by the prose.’ – Jacqueline Harris, Books for Topics

‘… one of the most attractive children’s picture books I’ve seen published this year. Exceptional.’  – Anne Cunningham, Annie Books

To the Island is the perfect book to transport your young reader to a whole new world, fuelling both imagination and curiosity.’  – Ellie Egleton, Armadillo Magazine

‘This is an absolutely stunning book.’ – @milo_and_gigis_bookshelf

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