Thin Ice

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Mik flees a living nightmare, hoping his journey will lead him home.

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Product Description

Where would you rather live – in a lonely flat with your drunk father, only bearable when your big brother is home? Or in a small, snowy village with a frozen lake, where your aunt burns books to keep the house warm, and a girl called Pi makes your heart beat a bit too fast, and your cranky old neighbour teaches you to catch fish that look like ice dragons, and a hawk owl watches out for you by night?

Mik has been skating on thin ice his entire life. When he is forced to leave his new home with his aunt Lena, he leaves behind icy northern Sweden and all his new friends, and his life becomes a living nightmare. Through forests and along train lines, over rapids and waterfalls, Mik is determined that nothing will stop him from finding home at last.

Shortlisted for the German International Children’s Book Prize


‘… colloquial and fluid and always engaging…captivating.’ Books for Keeps

‘… a novel of great power and much interest.’ The Irish Times

‘The high quality of teenage fiction published by Little Island in its short life can only be enhanced by the depth and imaginative qualities of this wonderful Swedish novel, expertly translated by Susan Beard.’ Inis magazine online

‘This is an incredibly powerful book from Swedish author Mikael Engström, translated by Susan Beard. The descriptive prose, of bleak wintry landscapes and dark, eerie forests often mirror the moral wilderness that Mik experiences as he makes his way precariously across both the literal and metaphorical patches of ‘thin ice’ in his desperate search to belong.’ – Outside In World

‘The book deals with teenage life with a frankness that is special to Swedish writing.

‘Sometimes nerve-wrecking and constantly engaging, I very much enjoyed Thin Ice. [It] is a lovely contemporary book … I think children will enjoy Mik’s adventures …’ Nyx Book Reviews

‘A heart-warming, important story, beautifully told.’ Bookfest 2011-2012 Recommended Reads

About Mikael Engström

Mikael Engström was born in 1961 and grew up in a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden. In the mid-1980s he studied photography for two years and started writing seriously. Nowadays he earns his living as a freelance journalist and photographer. Thin Ice, published to great acclaim in Sweden (under the title Isdrgen) and translated into several languages, is his first children\'s book.

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