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Get this fantastic trio of books for young teenagers for a fraction of the price you'll find in the shops and save over €20.

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We’re clearing out our office here at Little Island HQ and that means rather EXCELLENT things for you. Get this fantastic trio of books for young teenagers for a fraction of the price you’ll find in the shops and save over €20. It’s the perfect way to start your summer reading!

Large Mammals, Stick Insects and Other Social Misfits by Felicity McCall
It’s Derry and it’s the Hallowe’en break. And Aimée McCourt Logan’s cross-border exchange partner (yeah, she goes to that kind of school) Caoimhe is coming to visit. More to the point, she’s bringing her dream-god brother Darren with her. Meanwhile, Aimée is trying to keep her co-best friends’ lives on track and she’s implementing a new health and beauty regime (any day now). Armed with her trusty stack of lists, a hot chocolate and the all-powerful Facebook – and with a little hindrance from her cat, Rainbow – nothing is impossible.
This is a hilarious and honest depiction of life as a fifteen-year-old, when virtual friends sometimes seem more important than real ones.

Most of the world is burning or flooded. The temperate zones are still habitable – and one small island is teeming with climate refugees. Life in the Badlands is dangerous, disease-ridden, violent and controlled by gangsters and terrorists. But Valentina lives high in the privileged Citadel, at the heart of the heavily protected Green Zone. She is the president’s daughter, sheltered, spoilt and arrogant. When she makes a secret trip to the Badlands, however, with her friends, Pippa and Damian, she is forced to face up to the realities of life on the island and to the responsibilities her position brings with it.

Snobs, Dogs and Scobies
Snob: Ruán’s life is golden. He lives in a beautiful home on a beautiful street and he’s sure he’ll breeze through the exams. Everything is perfect.
Dog: Emma lives just a few doors down from Ruán, but she knows she doesn’t belong. She tries to ignore the neighbours’ whispers – how did she and her mother get a house on Ashfield Avenue? And why would Ruán talk to a dog like her?
Scobie: In the council estate around the corner, Colm, tired of the problems in his family, decides to take matters into his own hands.
The Leaving Certificate is the only thing Ruán, Emma and Colm have in common … or so they think, until an accident changes everything.

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