Not Without My Tractor!


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Grown-ups just don’t understand. They want to leave the farm and move to the city. But I’m not going anywhere-not without my tractor!

A fun and colourful read for all young tractor fans.

Product Description

Tractor can do anything – move mountains, squash traffic jams, do the school run, act as a guard dog and dig swimming pools. If you’re moving from the country to the city, a tractor is the perfect pal! But our hero’s parents just don’t see it the way we do.

This hilarious book follows the lively and funny argument between parent and child about whether or not their beloved tractor can come to the big city. With every reason the adult gives, the child replies with a brilliantly imaginative response. Playful, unconventional, and with a mysterious twist, this is a story for kids who love tractors – and that’s all kids, right?

Siobhán Parkinson, publisher at Little Island Books, says: ‘It was the illustrations that first caught our eye — so bold and clear and very amusing. Then, when I read the text (originally in German) I loved the idea of a child arguing with his/her parent about whether or not a tractor has any place in the city. This is one passionate and persistent kid, who really loves that tractor!’




‘A glorious adventure celebrating all the messy fun to be had in the great outdoors, beautifully illustrated.’ – Chris Judge, picturebook author and illustrator

‘Playful, unconventional and with a mysterious twist, this is the perfect tale for children who are fascinated with tractors and farm machinery.’ – AgriLand

‘Not your average farm picture book, the illustrations are really bold and bright and a little bit abstract. They also really liked looking at the different things tractor can do and, if I am not mistaken, were probably making mental notes themselves just incase I ever say their own tractors cannot go with them somewhere … As a parent reading it to her children and as a parent of a girl and two boys, I particularly liked the fact that it is never mentioned whether the child is male or female and you don’t really see he or she in the book at all.’ – Farmers Wife and Mummy Blog

About Finn-Ole Heinrich, Dita Zipfel and Halina Kirschner

Finn-Ole Heinrich and Dita Zipfel are both highly successful, experienced and award-winning authors for adults and for children, with a plethora of plays, novels, short stories and picturebooks between them. They have both received critical acclaim throughout their careers – Heinrich has received the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis (German Youth Literature Prize) and the French-German Literature Prize, and Zipfel has been awarded the Hamburg Prize for Literature.Halina Kirschner, an illustration and graphic design graduate, has designed an abundance of posters, books, programme books and much more. She currently lives and works in Leipzig.

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