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Felicity Costello, aka Flick, is pretty much like any other sixteen-year-old – except for one difference. A difference she doesn’t want anyone else to know about. A difference she hardly admits even to herself.

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Felicity Costello, aka Flick, is pretty much like any other sixteen-year-old girl – except for one difference.

A difference she doesn’t want anyone else to know about.

A difference she hardly admits even to herself.

Flick likes girls, and it’s time to tell her friends and family.

Not for the faint-hearted, Flick is a searingly honest depiction of the pressure felt by teenage girls to conform and what happens when the strain of being ‘different’ becomes too much.












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Flick is the sort of book I wish I could have read in my teens. It never talks down to the reader but still manages to shine a light on some of the darkest and most confusing moments of becoming an adult.’ Graham Norton

‘ … impressive and accomplished’  Robert Dunbar, The Irish Times

‘… laced with subtle emotion … Flick is that rarest of things, an Irish gay coming of age book. Geraldine Meade is a name to watch’ GCN Editor’s Pick

‘[A] courageous first novel’ Mary Arrigan, Irish Examiner

‘… a brave and beautiful first novel … a gentle, fearless coming-of-age novel with a heart-warming message for adults and teens alike – you can’t help who you fall in love with. … a vital contribution to young adult literature…’ Northside People

‘Recommended reading for teenagers of any sexual orientation.’ Image magazine

‘… stunning debut … a brilliant first novel, full of compassion, with an utterly believable and compelling main character.’ Sarah Webb

‘Never short on dramatic grit, Flick is a brave and touching tale of what happens when coming out meets coming of age in today’s Ireland.’ The World of Irish Nursing

‘I have to say I loved this book! I was glued to it from the first page … It’s a great first novel for Geraldine Meade, and I look forward to reading more of her books in the future.’ Kiss magazine

‘… it wins many points for going beyond a simple coming-out story. … Looking forward to the sequel.’ Claire Hennessey

‘… the book is incredibly well written and gives voice to an issue which can be difficult to discuss.’ Totally Dublin

Flick is a brave and important first novel … Meade has created an inspiring character …’ Leinster Express

‘… a rather fine novel for young adults that kept me reading until 2 a.m.’ Books Ireland

Flick is a brave exploration of inner conflict. … With strong dialogue and credible characters, this debut novel is bound to become a talking point.’ Bookfest 2011-2012 Recommended Reads Young Adult

‘This is a sensitive depiction of a girl dealing with her own sexuality. … There is a dearth of Irish material for gay and lesbian teenagers so this is a very welcome addition.’ Celia Keenan, Sunday Independent

‘Realistic dialogue and excellent characters.’ Sean Moncrieff Show, Newstalk.ie

‘… very readable. … I liked this book.’ Secluded Charm blog

‘Geraldine Meade fearlessly explores a teenage girl’s dark journey … [and has] created an inspiring character … As honest as Judy Blume, as shocking as Melvyn Burgess, Flick is a significant addition to Irish young adult literature and is necessary reading for teenagers and adults alike.’ Bord Gais Energy Book Club

About Geraldine Meade

Geraldine Meade loves lounging around doing nothing but unfortunately hasn’t been able to do anything of the sort for years. You see, she also loves kids and was blessed to be able to have seven with her darling husband Johnny. But as we all know, kids don’t like lounging or doing anything quiet and sedate (not for more than ten minutes anyway) and if they are forced to, there’s usually a row, which always leads to another row and another. For this reason Geraldine would be an excellent candidate for NATO or for any sort of peacekeeping job where a mediator is needed! But instead she decided to become a children\'s writer, She loves writing even more than lounging, and will do it whenever and wherever she possibly can – kitchen, sofa, bed, play room, garden, car, library, café, once or twice in the office, only never in the bathroom.When Geraldine is not playing with her kids and with their toys (which she really loves to do) or cooking for them or cleaning after them or reading to them she also loves running, meditating and hiking about in the glorious Irish countryside with the whole family and also she absolutely LOVES to sleep. But mostly she loves her husband, Johnny Murphy, and her children.Geraldine grew up on a farm in Laois with eight sound siblings and the most fantastic parents (seriously) and is currently living in Dublin. She’s a primary school teacher and has an M.A. in Children’s Literature (very posh). She was Chairperson of Children’s Books Ireland from 2003 to 2006 (Great organisation; you have to look them up).Flick is her first book for teenagers.Flick is her first book for teenagers.

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