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Book Selection Box Middle-Grade (9 plus)

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We are pleased to offer Book Selection Boxes for all ages over the festive period. These will be gift-wrapped for free and if you put the recipient’s address in the delivery field, we can send the books to them directly with a gift tag so they know who it is from.

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Product Description

Which Books are Included in the Book Selection Box?

9+ Wrapped Book BundleMiddle-grade readers will find lots of snickers in their book selection box!

In The Baboon with the Golden Bum by Jed Lynch  Seamus the turkey detective is desperate for a new case. When there is a security breach on the premises of Business Monkey of the Year, Seamus is called in.

The Best Medicine by Christine Hamill offers a hilarious take on the unfunny subject of cancer. Philip’s happy-go-lucky life is disrupted when his mother gets breast cancer. His attempts to cope are both hilarious and touching. Through it all, he writes to his hero, the comedian Harry Hill, looking for advice.

Gold by Geraldine Mills offers a blend of dystopia and classic adventure. It tells the story of twin boys Esper and Starn who live in a grim world almost laid waste by massive volcanic explosions. When they discover an intriguing old manuscript, they set out in search of gold.

Hopscotch in the Sky by Lucinda Jacob is a full colour, illustrated hardback poetry book full of poems for all seasons. From ice creams to Christmas trees, flying grannies to reading mermaids, haiku to rhyming verse, Hopscotch in the Sky takes children on a magical poetic journey through the seasons of the year.

In Sheena Wilkinson’s historical novel Name Upon Name, we visit Belfast in 1916, where Helen is caught between the Easter Rising, World War 1, and a divided family. Her cousins are her idols. But when one is deployed to Dublin to help quell the rising, and the other witnesses terrible things fighting in World War One, Helen wonders what they are fighting for.

Valentina by Kevin McDermott follows the president’s daughter as she ventures outside the protected Citadel for the first time. Outside the Green Zone, the island is teeming with refugees who have fled their homes because of flood or fire. What responsibility does Val have to these people? And will she survive the Badlands?

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