Big Bad Me

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A smart and funny page-turner about werewolves, vampires, and loving the monster inside you.


Product Description

Evie Wilder just found out she’s a werewolf. Now her mom’s gone missing, she and her sister Kate have to go into hiding, and there’s not a single helpful vampire slayer to be found.

With the help of Kevin, the dorky-hot manager of the guesthouse where she and Kate lie low, Evie starts to harness her wolfish side. But Kevin seems to know a suspicious amount about vampires…

Meanwhile, animal attacks are increasing, local teens are going missing, and Evie is about to find herself at the centre of a supernatural showdown.



“FREAKING AMAZING! The perfect story to fill that Buffy-shaped hole in your soul.” – Sinéad O’Hart, author of Skyborn

“An absolute riot – I loved it.” – Kat Ellis, author of Wicked Little Deeds

“Brilliant and completely refreshing, and simply so much fun.” – Gina Blaxill, author of You Can Trust Me

“The writing is absolutely joyful. I loved every page!” – Naomi Gibson, author of Every Line of You

“A new take on the world of werewolves that’s fresh, fast-paced and funny. Adventure, witty dialogue and romance shot through with a delicious tingle of real horror – great fun!” – Andreina Cordani, author of Dead Lucky

“Witty, funny, edgy, and smart.” – Alison Weatherby, author of The Secrets Act

“Full of fangs and fun! Big Bad Me is a rip-roaring adventure featuring a memorable cast of badass yet beautifully vulnerable characters. Sharp and witty, this is not a novel you’ll want to miss!” – Ann Sei Lin, author of Rebel Skies

“Warning – don’t get too attached to the ordinary humans you meet in this wryly humorous, grittily realistic supernatural thriller, ordinary people don’t do well in this world. But do get attached to Aislinn O Loughlin’s writing, because you’ll be seeing a lot more of her!” – Bryony Pearce, author of Savage Island and Raising Hell

“There’s blood and guts and vomiting, and yet there’s also a strange wholesomeness about this “little monster
family” … endearing and action-packed.” – Claire Hennessy, The Irish Times

“This was honestly just the perfect novel to fill that quippy paranormal creature hole in my heart … You really don’t want to miss this!” – Han Reads Plots

“I seriously love this … an incredibly good debut novel.” – Emily Sarah Art

“A werewolf fantasy that doesn’t hold back on bite.” – The Business Post


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