How to Bake a Sausage Dog

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A brilliant and hilarious adventure from award-winning author Kirsten Reinhardt with black-and-white line drawings by David Roberts

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Eleven-year-old Fennymore lives with his strange great-aunt in an old house with only a magical bike for company. After she dies, Fennymore sets off with his new friend Fizzy to find his parents, who mysteriously disappeared. They fall foul of a silvery grey gentleman and an evil doctor who wants to get his hands on his father’s mysterious invention.

A brilliant and hilarious adventure from award-winning author Kirsten Reinhardt with black-and-white line drawings by David Roberts

Translated from the German by former Irish Children’s Laureate, Siobhán Parkinson.

How to Bake a Sausage Dog











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‘Reinhardt has created an irresistible world of surrealism: quirky details, alluring mystery and wonderful characterisation make this a must-read. The story is playful but the ideas of loss and feeling different are delicately explored and curious minds can also reflect on threads of social justice and philosophy, which are woven throughout.’ – Booktrust

‘Eccentricity and zaniness abound, with more than a suggestion of the sinister … Translated by Siobhán Parkinson from the German into sprightly English, this novel sparkles with wit and inventiveness.’ – The Irish Times

‘The narrative is smooth and well paced with plenty of humour to keep a younger reader engaged. Reinhardt certainly knows to how to spin a good yarn and conjures a very vivid picture of Fennymore’s world. The language is fluid and crystal clear and, thanks to Parkinson’s expertise, it doesn’t feel like a translation… Each chapter is punctuated with one of David Roberts’ visual delights. His exquisite, hand-executed style matches the text brilliantly, and the result is both atmospheric and souful. Add to this some excellent and subtle design, and you have a finished product that works extremely well.’ – Sadie Cramer, Inis Magazine

‘Translated by Siobhán Parkinson from the German into lively English, this is a fast-paced adventure story and exquisite black-and-white line drawings by David Roberts make it especially pleasing.’ – The Irish Independent

‘A wonderfully surreal story that successfully mixes humour with the slightly gruesome to create an imaginative romp that carries the reader along… For confident young readers who enjoy the unusual’ – Books for Keeps

‘This book is absolutely perfect for fans of David Walliams and Roald Dahl. Quirky, funny and a little bit gross in all the right places, you’ll laugh and stayed gripped to the page of this most unusual adventure. This is a fab read! Highly recommended.’ – Mary Esther Judy, Fallen Star Stories

About Kirsten Reinhardt

Kirsten Reinhardt is a German writer mostly of children\'s books who lives in Berlin. She studied literature, theatre and journalism. Fennymore and the Brumella (published in German by Carlsen as Fennymores Reise) is her first book. It won the Oldenburger prize for children’s literature in 2009, before it was even published and has also been translated into French, Spanish and Catalan. She\'s written two other children\'s book published in German since then and has a picture book is coming up in autumn 2018.

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