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A Clock or a Crown?

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Illustrated novel for age 8+ about a young girl's fantastical travels through English history.

Product Description

Planned as the first in a series of stories about a young girl’s fantasy travels to various European capitals, this is a humorous and adventurous trip to London in the company of Ben – a boy who lives in a rather famous clock.

After Jenny arrives at the Best Bedroom of All where the magical suitcase hides, she steps inside and begins a fantastical journey. She arrives inside the clockwork of Big Ben and meets her guide, a strange boy named Ben who guides her through English history. Together they discover Guy Fawkes as he struggles to light his dynamite, meet a headless King Charles I, save Sir Walter Raleigh from his awful poetry, soothe a migrainey queen and much much more.

Historical fact meets fantasy travels through space and time.


‘A spectacular tale of time travel, high treason and adventure, full of imagination and wit. Loved it.’ – Denise Deegan, bestselling author

‘Time travel, a beheaded king talking forsoothly, sound effects itching to be mimicked, and a central character with a risky and a safe side – this book is truly enthralling.’ – Terry Prone

‘Witty and charming children’s fantasy tale for the eight-pluses’ – Irish Daily Mail

‘Fun and fast-paced story … a wealth of historical snippets’ – Martina Devlin, bestselling author

‘A delightful adventurous read that my 11-year-old devoured and I did, too. A refreshing new voice in children’s fiction – with adventure and travel, this book has it all.’ – Michelle Jackson, author

‘The kooky names, arbitrary fonts, cryptic illustrations, and pun-packed turns of phrase will appeal to readers of Dahl and Snicket, but a strong female protagonist and an action-packed historical setting make this a fresh addition to middle-level fantasy reading.’ – Booklist, July 2016


About Caroline Logue

Caroline Logue lives in Dublin and has a secret life as a journalist and travel writer. She also writes short stories, poems and radio plays, but this is her first proper bit of writing (because it’s for kids!). When she needs an extra lick of inspiration she asks her little dog, as she seriously believes he’s magic.

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About Sarah Bowie

Sarah Bowie is an illustrator, author and cartoonist who lives in Dublin. She is a founder member of The Comics Lab and her work has been published in a range of magazines and comics. She is also a big fan of pigeons and thinks they are smashing little creatures. Coo.

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