Book Selection Boxes

To help with the festive panic, we have created special book selection boxes (the only thing we can think of that’s better than a chocolate selection box!) chock full of great reads for every age group. And to make your life even easier, we’ll wrap your books for you for free and send them to the giftee!

Wrapped Book Selection Box
Baby and Toddler Book Selection Box
Babies and Toddlers Selection Box
Was €40, now €20!

Books included in the 4+ book selection box
Age 4+ Selection Box
Was €47.97, now €30!

Age 6+ Selection Box
Was €44.98, now €30!

Age 9+ Selection Box
Was €60.96, now €40!

Books included in the 12+ selection box
Age 12+ Selection Box
Was €62, now €40!

Age 14+ Selection Box
Was €59.95 now €40!