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Geraldine Meade loves lounging around doing nothing but unfortunately hasn’t been able to do anything of the sort for years. You see, she also loves kids and was blessed to be able to have seven with her darling husband Johnny. But as we all know, kids don’t like lounging or doing anything quiet and sedate (not for more than ten minutes anyway) and if they are forced to, there’s usually a row, which always leads to another row and another. For this reason Geraldine would be an excellent candidate for NATO or for any sort of peacekeeping job where a mediator is needed! But instead she decided to become a children\'s writer, She loves writing even more than lounging, and will do it whenever and wherever she possibly can – kitchen, sofa, bed, play room, garden, car, library, café, once or twice in the office, only never in the bathroom.When Geraldine is not playing with her kids and with their toys (which she really loves to do) or cooking for them or cleaning after them or reading to them she also loves running, meditating and hiking about in the glorious Irish countryside with the whole family and also she absolutely LOVES to sleep. But mostly she loves her husband, Johnny Murphy, and her children.Geraldine grew up on a farm in Laois with eight sound siblings and the most fantastic parents (seriously) and is currently living in Dublin. She’s a primary school teacher and has an M.A. in Children’s Literature (very posh). She was Chairperson of Children’s Books Ireland from 2003 to 2006 (Great organisation; you have to look them up).Flick is her first book for teenagers.Flick is her first book for teenagers.

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