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Binette Schroeder worked as a freelance graphic artist and portrait photographer until she made her picturebook breakthrough with Lupinchen in 1969. Her book illustrations have received numerous awards, including the Deutscher Literaturpreis in 1997 and the Grand Prize of the German Academy for Literature for Children and Young Adults in 2004 for her contribution to children’s books. She has illustrated seventeen picturebooks to date. She now works as an illustrator, painter and photographer in Munich.

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2 reviews for The Wizardling

  1. Mary Esther Judy
    5 out of 5


    This is given a truly enchanting story from the genius of award-winning author-illustrator Binette Schroeder . Here is a new magical hero taking us on a wondrous adventure with some time-honoured characters, in a dream-like landscape. The text is lyrical and gently humourous, carrying the reader through the story with ease. And it is translated from its native German by Siobhán Parkinson with an expert eye to rhythm and structure. But it is the illustrations which really make The Wizardling shine. Subtle hues and tints give a perfect rendering of time of day and the storys’ mystical location. As each page is turned, the light in the sky grows as we travel along from very early in the morning into the new light of day. The facial expressions of each character are utterly delightful, giving indication of the mood and content behind the words. Of course, there are very real problems at hand, but each is solved by interaction between the characters, leading the reader to understand that there is nothing we can’t do together. Gentle, exquisite, warm and wonderful, this picture book needs to find a home on your shelf.

  2. Little Island
    5 out of 5


    ‘An enchanting story that whisks the imaginative and inquisitive young reader away on a wonderful adventure that unfolds and floats from one event to another… Schroeder’s illustrations are light and breezy – as are her words. Both elements breath life and lightness as each page is turned … Schroeder’s imaginations come to life on the page of this simple yet beautifully illustrated picture book.

    Her words are lyrical, gently and humorous, and expertly translated from German by Siobhán Parkinson. But it is the illustrations that really make The Wizardling shine. Subtle hues and colouring give a perfect rendering of time of day and the story’s magical location.’

    – Gobblefunked Children’s Book Blog

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