About Renate Ahrens

Renate Ahrens was born in Germany in 1955. After some years working as a teacher, she moved to Dublin in 1986 with her husband and has since worked as a freelance author. As well as children’s and adult books, she has written stage and radio plays and scripts for children’s television programmes, and her books for children and adults have been translated into other languages. Over the Wall (published in German under the title Die Welt steht Kopf) is her first children\'s book to be published in Ireland, where she now lives.

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About Tamara Bach

Tamara Bach was born in Limburg an der Lahn in 1976. She made her breakthrough with her first novel, Marsmädchen (The Girl From Mars), which was published in 2003 and received several book awards. Since then she has published many other novels, among them Was vom Sommer übrig ist (Wherever It Is Summer), which won the German-French Prize for Youth Literature, a White Raven by the International Youth Library and the Catholic Children’s Youth Book Prize in 2013. Tamara lives in Berlin.

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About Estelle Billon-Spagnol

Estelle Billon Spagnol was born in the Champagne region of France and grew up surrounded by books, crayons and vineyards. After studying law, Billon-Spagnol entered the police force, but at the age of thirty she turned 180 degrees and has since published twenty books as an illustrator, author or both. She now lives, writes and draws in Paris.

About Sarah Bowie

Sarah Bowie is an illustrator, author and cartoonist who lives in Dublin. She is a founder member of The Comics Lab and her work has been published in a range of magazines and comics. She is also a big fan of pigeons and thinks they are smashing little creatures. Coo.

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About Élisabeth Brami

Elisabeth Brami was born in Warsaw. After graduating from studies in humanities and literature, she became a psychologist. She has been practising this profession since 1974 in a hospital for teenagers in the Paris region. Married and a mother of three children, she became an author for young people in 1990. Since then, she has not stopped writing and she has been translated into many languages.

About James Butler

James Butler’s background is in education and drama. He holds an MPhil in Creative Writing from Trinity College Dublin. For many years he taught in a school in Tallaght. In 2005 his first play for children, Stuck in the Mud, was nominated for an Irish Times Theatre Award. In 2011 his play for teenagers The Teen Commandments was included in the Trinity College London Anthology of Award-Winning Plays. In 2016 his radio play The Carpet Clown was produced by RTÉ Drama On One as part of The PJ O’Connor Awards. His latest play, Scattered, explores the transition made by children from primary school to secondary.

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About John Chambers

John Chambers was born and raised in Ireland and is now based in Berlin. He is the creator of long-running comic strip The Adventures of Festy O’Semtex in Phoenix Magazine and has developed concepts and written scripts for TV series, long and short films and many children’s animation series, including Ted Sieger’s Molly the Little Monster. Three times winner of the Best Animated Screenplay Award at the International Animated Film Festival, he was also Writer in Residence at the National Theatre, England in 2006. He has brought masterful storytelling and wry humour to a range of children’s titles including Granny Samurai, the Monkey King and I, Granny Samurai and the Brain of Ultimate Doomitude, and The Seven Deadly Finns (Walker Books).

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About Eoin Colfer

Eoin Colfer is one of Ireland’s best-known writers for children. His Artemis Fowl series is world-famous and is soon to be filmed. His other books include Benny and Omar and the historical adventure Airman. He has also written And Another Thing, a sequel to Douglas Adams’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Eoin is currently Laureate na nÓg.

About Catherine Ann Cullen

Catherine Ann Cullen is an award-winning children’s writer, poet and songwriter. She has published two other children’s books, Thirsty Baby (2003) and the gold-award-winning The Magical, Mystical, Marvelous Coat (2001), with Little, Brown in the US, and has just finished an animation script, Rumpelstiltskin, with BAFTA-winner Tim Fernée. Cullen was awarded a Kavanagh Fellowship for her poetry in December 2018. She won the Business to Arts Award for Best Use of Creativity in the Community for her writing residency in St Joseph’s School, East Wall in 2017. Her third poetry collection, The Other Now: New and Selected Poems, was published by Dedalus Press in October 2016, drawing on her two collections from Doghouse books, A Bone in My Throat (2007) and Strange Familiar (2013). She won the Francis Ledwidge Poetry Award in 2016 and in 2009 and is part of the Ireland Poetry Reading Archive at UCD. Her poems, essays and stories have been widely published in anthologies and broadcast on RTÉ Radio 1, Lyric FM and Near FM.

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About Sheena Dempsey

Sheena Dempsey is an author and illustrator from Cork. She has written and illustrated her own childrens books as well as illustrating childrens books for other authors, including The Powers and Pucker Power by Kevin Stevens for Little Island. She lives in London with her partner, Mick, and a wilful ex-racing greyhound named Sandy.

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About Aoife Dooley

Aoife Dooley is a 5ft freelance illustrator, graphic designer, author and comedian from Coolock, Dublin. Aoife is best known for her ‘Your One Nikita’ (formally known as Dublin Hun) Illustrations which chronicle the life of 22-year-old Nikita, best friend Tanya and boyfriend Anto. She published her first book How to be Massive in 2016 and her second How to Deal with Poxes in 2017. She has just released ‘Your One Nikita’, an animated TV series with RTE. She is also an award-winning comedian on the Irish scene, and has performed at the likes of Vodafone Comedy Festival and Electric Picnic. This is her first children’s book.

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About Mikael Engström

Mikael Engström was born in 1961 and grew up in a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden. In the mid-1980s he studied photography for two years and started writing seriously. Nowadays he earns his living as a freelance journalist and photographer. Thin Ice, published to great acclaim in Sweden (under the title Isdrgen) and translated into several languages, is his first children\'s book.

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About Katherine Farmar

Katherine Farmar was born and raised in Dublin and has lived there all her life, except for a year spent studying philosophy in Edinburgh. She has written reviews for the Irish Times, the TLS, and Strange Horizons, and also works in theatre. She has pretended to be Annie Graves (a lot of children\'s writers do this) and in that guise she wrote A Dog\'s Breakfast, but Wormwood Gate, for older children and young teenagers is her first kids\' book written under her own name.

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About Jean Flitcroft

Dr Jean Flitcroft lives near Dublin with her husband and three boys. She attended Holy Child School, Killiney, and studied science in University College Dublin. On being awarded a Wellcome Scholarship she went on to Magdalen College, Oxford University where she obtained her doctorate. She also holds an MPhil in Creative Writing from Trinity College Dublin. She started as a script writer for medical and scientific films and later became a travel writer when her obsession with travel won out. It was on these journeys around the world that she started writing books for children. She now has three children\'s books to her name, and they form a series called The Cryptid Files.The Cryptid Files: Loch Ness is the first book of this series, which covers the globe in pursuit of the weird and wonderful creatures of cryptozoology. It features perhaps the most famous cryptid of all: the Loch Ness monster. It is followed by The Cryptid Files: Mexican Devil, which is set in Mexico and explores the spine-tingling story of the blood-sucking Chupacabra. In the third book in the series, The Cryptid Files: Pacific Giants, Vanessa discovers another beast, cadborosaurus willsi, or Caddy for short, off the west coast of Canada.

About Maeve Friel

Maeve Friel was born in Derry and educated in Dublin where she sometimes lives -- when she\'s not in Spain (or elsewhere; she gets around). She is a well-known Irish children\'s writer, the creator of the popular Tiger Lily trilogy and the Witch-in-Training series (all books for younger children, published in the UK) and has been the recipient of many awards including the Hennessy Award, the Bisto Award and the Reading Association of Ireland Award for books for older children.Her books have been translated into many languages. She once lived in Ludlow where her children\'s book, The Lantern Moon, is set.

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About Patricia Forde

Patricia Forde is from Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. Her first novel The Wordsmith was published to great critical acclaim in 2015. It has since been published in the United States, Australia, Denmark, Russia, Turkey and the Netherlands. It has won a White Raven Award from the International Youth Library, is an American Library Association Notable Book for Children in the United States, and was shortlisted for the Children’s Book of the Year Award in Ireland. In 2018 Patricia wrote Bumpfizzle the Best on Planet Earth, which was chosen as the Dublin UNESCO Citywide Read 2019. She is married to Padraic and has two grown up children. She still lives in Galway, her favourite city in the world. You can visit her at

About Aga Grandowicz

As a child, Aga Grandowicz always wanted to be a vet or an ichthyologist (a scientist who studies fish), but she changed her mind before she started college and became an art director and a graphic designer instead. Originally from Gdynia in Poland, she’s been living and working in Dublin since 2006. She is happiest when drawing furry animals and old trees or designing corporate identity.

About Annie Graves

Annie Graves is twelve years old, and she has no intention of ever growing up. She is, conveniently, an orphan, and lives at an undisclosed address in the Glasnevin area of Dublin with her pet toad, Much Misunderstood, and a small black kitten, Hugh Shalby Nameless. You needn’t think she goes to school – pah! – or has anything as dull as brothers and sisters or hobbies, but let’s just say she keeps a large saucepan bubbling on the stove.Annie Graves is a prolific writer of children\'s books. She writes all the Nightmare Club titles HERSELF, but various authors CLAIM to have helped her: Deirdre Sullivan, Alice Stevens, Katherine Farmar, Oisín McGann, David Maybury, Sarah Purcell, Dave Rudden.Publisher’s note: We did try to take a picture of Annie, but her face just kept fading away. We have sent our camera for investigation, but suspect the worst. You\'ll just have to make do with an artist\'s impression of this amazing writer of children\'s books.

About Meg Grehan

Meg Grehan is a young writer originally from County Louth but now hiding away in Donegal in the northwest of Ireland, with a very ginger girlfriend, an even more ginger dog and an undisclosed number of cats (none of whom is ginger). She has written for online newspapers and journals such as The Arcade. In 2018 she won the Eilís Dillon award from Children’s Books Ireland for her first novel, The Space Between. She is currently studying Film and likes cake and rain; dislikes going outside.

About Christine Hamill

Christine Hamill studied English Literature at Queen’s University, Belfast. She worked in the arts then trained as a teacher and worked in Spain, England and Northern Ireland. She now lives in Belfast and is a lecturer at a Further Education college where she teaches creative writing. Christine writes books for both adults and children. B is for Breast Cancer is a non fiction work for adults based on her own experiences. This is her first book for children.

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About Alison Healy

Alison Healy has worked as a journalist with the Irish Times for almost 17 years. She specialises in food and farming issues but is currently on a career break, working as a ghost writer and on her children’s fiction. How Billy Brown Saved the Queen is her first children’s book.

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About Lucinda Jacob

Lucinda Jacob is a poet, illustrator and author of fiction for young people. She has written and illustrated a number of picture books and storybooks for new readers, scripts for the national broadcaster RTÉ and poetry for older children, published in numerous collections.

About Paula Leyden

Paula Leyden won the Éilís Dillon award for her first children’s novel The Butterfly Heart, which is set in Zambia; its sequel, The Sleeping Baobab Tree, won the Children’s Books Ireland special judges’ award. She lived in Kenya, Zambia and South Africa before moving to Kilkenny, where she now works extensively with the Travelling community and horses.

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About Sabine Ludwig

Sabine Ludwig was born in Berlin in 1954. After graduating, she worked as a radio editor. She is now one of Germany’s most successful writers for children, and she also translates the books of authors such as Eva Ibbotson and Kate DiCamillo from English into German. She lives in Berlin with her husband and daughter.

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About Ana Maria Machado

Ana Maria Machado was born in 1941 in Rio de Janeiro and is one of the most significant children\'s book authors in Brazil. She has written more than a hundred books for children and adults. She started her career as a painter, worked as a journalist for the Elle magazine in Paris and for the BBC in London. In 1979, she opened the first children’s literature bookshop in Brazil.In the year 2000, Ana Maria Machado was awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Award, the most significant international prize for children\'s literature, for her life\'s work.Some of Ana Maria\'s other children\'s books are available in English (published by Groundwood Books in Canada), but The History Mystery is her first children\'s book to be published in Ireland.

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About Rob Maguire

Rob Maguire hails from Bray, Co.Wicklow, and has worked as a musician, a script supervisor, a journalist, a blogger and a bookseller. Now an advertising copywriter, Rob spends his time coming up with madcap ideas – such as writing a book about animals, despite being allergic to them.

About Darragh Martin

Darragh grew up in Dublin, where he often daydreamed about the DART train going somewhere more magical than Howth Junction. He was given a Fulbright Scholarship to develop his writing in 2006 and has been living in New York City since, where he teaches literature at Columbia University, writes plays and admires trees. Darragh is represented by the Lisa Richards Agency and has a website at The Keeper (new edition coming in 2015) is his first children\'s book. Watch out for the next book for younger kids coming soon from this great children\'s book writer.

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About Susan Maxwell

Susan Maxwell studied English and History in University College Galway before training as an archivist in Dublin. She currently works with an international organisation in The Hague, where she is also undertaking a PhD. She has had short stories and poetry published in The Stinging Fly and The Three Spires. The wonderful Good Red Herring, a novel for teenagers, is her first novel.

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About Felicity McCall

A BBC staff journalist for twenty years during the Northern Ireland conflict, Felicity McCall began the millennium as a full-time writer as well as an occasional broadcaster, arts facilitator and actor.Publications include fiction, non-fiction, plays and a graphic novel, and she has contributed to a number of anthologies. The co-founder and director of two theatre companies, she has had twelve plays staged professionally and four screenplay credits. Felicity has won the Tyrone Guthrie Award for stage and screenplay and was nominated for two Meyer Whitworth Awards and two Irish Playwrights’ and Screenwriters’ Guild Awards for best new play. Felicity is the Ireland officer for the miscarriage of justice lobby group Portia, and she continues to live and write in Derry and Donegal.Large Mammals, Stick Insects and Other Social Misfits is her first book for teenagers.

About Kevin McDermott

Kevin Mc Dermott is an award-winning author from Crumlin in Dublin City. Mary’s Shadow is his fifth novel. For the last two years Kevin has worked as the Writer-in-residence in schools under the management of the City of Dublin Education and Training Board. Kevin is also one of the writers on Poetry Ireland’s Writers-in-Schools scheme. Kevin is passionate about the importance of the arts in education. He believes in the creative potential of every child, and loves working with young writers.

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About Geraldine Meade

Geraldine Meade loves lounging around doing nothing but unfortunately hasn’t been able to do anything of the sort for years. You see, she also loves kids and was blessed to be able to have seven with her darling husband Johnny. But as we all know, kids don’t like lounging or doing anything quiet and sedate (not for more than ten minutes anyway) and if they are forced to, there’s usually a row, which always leads to another row and another. For this reason Geraldine would be an excellent candidate for NATO or for any sort of peacekeeping job where a mediator is needed! But instead she decided to become a children\'s writer, She loves writing even more than lounging, and will do it whenever and wherever she possibly can – kitchen, sofa, bed, play room, garden, car, library, café, once or twice in the office, only never in the bathroom.When Geraldine is not playing with her kids and with their toys (which she really loves to do) or cooking for them or cleaning after them or reading to them she also loves running, meditating and hiking about in the glorious Irish countryside with the whole family and also she absolutely LOVES to sleep. But mostly she loves her husband, Johnny Murphy, and her children.Geraldine grew up on a farm in Laois with eight sound siblings and the most fantastic parents (seriously) and is currently living in Dublin. She’s a primary school teacher and has an M.A. in Children’s Literature (very posh). She was Chairperson of Children’s Books Ireland from 2003 to 2006 (Great organisation; you have to look them up).Flick is her first book for teenagers.Flick is her first book for teenagers.

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About Geraldine Mills

Geraldine Mills has been writing for many years and is well established as a poet and short-story writer, with several books to her name. This is her first novel, and her first book for children. She lives in Oughterard, outside Galway city, on the west coast of Ireland, with her husband.

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About Jane Mitchell

Jane Mitchell has written several books for children and young people. Her first novel, When Stars Stop Spinning, was Bisto Book of the Year, and her more recent Chalkline won not only a CBI Merit award but also the Children’s Choice award. She works in disability provision in Ireland and travels widely, including recently to the refugee camp in Calais.

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About Mauricio Negro

Mauricio Negro is a Brazilian graphic artist, illustrator and writer. He has collaborated on over one hundred books by Brazilian and foreign writers for more than twenty years. He uses natural pigments, recycled material, organic elements and technology to create his work.

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About Elizabeth O’Hara

Elizabeth O’Hara is the pen name of Éilís Ní Dhuibhne, a well-known author for adults and children in Irish and English. She has won the Bisto Book of the Year Award and two Bisto Merit Awards for her children’s books.Snobs, Dogs and Scobies is a translation of her children’s book Hurlamaboc (first published in Irish by Cois Life), which won a Bisto award and the Oireachtas award and was selected for the IBBY Honour list.

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About Lauren O\'Neill

Lauren O’Neill is an illustrator from Co. Wexford who now lives and works in Dublin city. Her diverse style is a mixture of traditional and digital media, combining detailed line with bold colour palettes. In 2016 she received the CBI Honour Award for Illustration for her work on Gulliver.

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About Tom O’Neill

Tom O’Neill is one of a very close knit family of eleven brought up on a farm in County Carlow. His working life started in science teacher training in impoverished schools in South Africa and he is currently involved in computer based education as well as running a farm in Kilkenny.Restoring the ancient Killahara castle in Tipperary and helping his father publish a social history reconnected him to stories and beliefs that were still vibrant in his own childhood and prompted him to pull together the Fionn Mac Cumhaill tales he had made up to entertain his own children en route to school. These stories can be found in Tom\'s first children\'s book, Old Friends: The Lost Tales of Fionn Mac Cumhaill, published in 2010 by Little Island. Tom has also written a related book, Fionn and the Legend of the Blood Emeralds, which is available online. See for more from Tom O\'Neill, Dark and several characters from the books or read about them on Wikipedia.

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About Mark O’Sullivan

Mark O’ Sullivan is regarded as one of Ireland\'s best writers for older children and for teenagers. He is recipient of a number of prestigious awards including two Reading Association of Ireland Awards, the Eilís Dillon Award and three Bisto Merit Awards. He lives in Tipperary with his wife and two daughters and continues to add to his list of books for children and teens.

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About Siobhán Parkinson

Siobhán Parkinson is one of Ireland\'s best-known writers for children. She has written almost thirty books, most of them for children and teenagers, for which she has won a bagful of awards and nominations, and her books have been translated into about twenty languages. She was Ireland\'s first Children\'s Laureate.

About Leena Parkkinen

Leena Parkkinen is a third generation storyteller. She hails from a family in which a good tale has always been appreciated more than the truth. At parties, her grandfather used to attract an audience who would listen to him in silence. His son, Leena\'s father, became a famous children\'s author.Leena Parkkinen was by no means always going to be a writer: as a child, she dreamt of becoming an artist. When she ran out of paper, she drew on envelopes, till receipts and walls. Her childish scrawls could even be found on her father’s tax return.Leena became a student of graphic design, because her mother was of the opinion that she should get a proper job first, before doing other, more enjoyable things. She is well known in Finland as a writer of books for adults. Cow Belle Beauty Queen is her first book for children.

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About Emma Quigley

Emma Quigley lives in Dublin with her partner and teenage son. By day she works as a freelance writer in the IT world, but by night she writes stories for children and scripts for television and theatre.

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About Kirsten Reinhardt

Kirsten Reinhardt is a German writer mostly of children\'s books who lives in Berlin. She studied literature, theatre and journalism. Fennymore and the Brumella (published in German by Carlsen as Fennymores Reise) is her first book. It won the Oldenburger prize for children’s literature in 2009, before it was even published and has also been translated into French, Spanish and Catalan. She\'s written two other children\'s book published in German since then and has a picture book is coming up in autumn 2018.

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About Jenny Robson

Jenny Robson was born in South Africa and now lives in Botswana. She has won many important awards for her children’s books, including the UNESCO Prize for Children’s and Young People’s Literature in the Service of Tolerance.Her delightful children\'s book Balaclava Boy was first published in South Africa, but it was when they came across the German translation, published in Switzerland, that Little |Island fell in love with it and decided to make it available to English-speaking readers in this part of the world.

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About Juliette Saumande

Juliette is writer of children\'s books. She is also French. That means:• she knows two hundred and thirty one words for ‘cheese’ (and a few more for ‘smelly’);• she speaks French to her two cats (though they usually pretend to only understand English) and• she believes warm summers are for real, somewhere.Now, though, she lives in Dublin where she has learned:• two hundred and thirty one words for ‘rain’;• the art of climbing on the top deck of the 40 bus and• the delights of toasted sandwiches.She’s written a good number of picturebooks for younger children in French (because she can) and she’s also translated books for young and younger people. You can have a look at her website or her blog if you want. Chop, Chop, Madcap is her first children\'s book written directly in English (because she also can).Juliette lives with her better, more bearded half and her Best Boy and French Lady. She loves liquorice, but she thinks Crunchies should be banned and their recipe thrown into a bottomless chasm. She also loves children\'s books, even the ones she didn\'t write herself. She wishes you a good day.

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About Anna Seidl

Anna Seidl is a young German author, and this is her first book. It was a publishing sensation in Germany, under the title Es wird keine Helden geben and Anna won the emerging author award (Nachwuchspreis) from the German Academy for children’s and YA literature and was shortlisted for the Buxtehuder Bulle award and the UH! Literature Prize (chosen by young readers). She now lives in Frankfurt.

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About Burkhard Spinnen

Burkhard Spinnen was born in Germany in 1956 and lives as a writer in Münster. He has received many awards for his work, among them the Oldenburg Award for Young Adult Literature and the German Audio Book Award (for Belgische Riesen, the original German version of The Great Rabbit Revenge Plan). He is very well known in Germany as a writer of books for adults, but the Great Rabbit Revenge Plan is his first children\'s book. His book for teenagers, Müller hoch drei, has not yet been translated into English. Photograph copyright of Isolde Ohlbaum.

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About Kevin Stevens

Kevin Stevens is the author of six novels for adults, young adults and children. His first book for young children, The Powers, was chosen for the Dublin UNESCO Citywide Read and was hugely successful. Kevin also contributes regularly to The Irish Times and Dublin Review of Books.

About Deirdre Sullivan

Deirdre Sullivan is from Galway now living in Dublin and working as a teacher. She has established a reputation as a leading Irish YA author following her hugely praised Needlework, which won the Honour Award for Fiction at the Children’s Books Ireland Awards and was shortlisted for the Irish Book Awards. Her Primrose Leary series was also widely acclaimed; two of the Prim books were shortlisted for the Children’s Books Ireland awards; and the final one, Primperfect, was also shortlisted for the European Prize for Literature.

About Debbie Thomas

Debbie Thomas trained as a BBC radio journalist. She lived in Bangladesh and South Africa for ten years where she worked for aid agencies. She now lives in County Kildare with her husband and three daughters and has written four books for children: the Abbie Hartley trilogy and Class Act. She is the Writer in Residence at Crumlin Children’s Hospital and a board member of the Irish section of IBBY (the International Board on Books for Young People).

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About Rachel van Kooij

Rachel van Kooij was born in the Dutch city of Wageningen in 1968. She moved to Austria at the age of 10, and later studied Special Needs Teaching at Vienna University. She now lives in Klosterneuburg near Vienna and works with handicapped people. The last time we talked to her she was up a tree (it was a mobile phone conversation), surrounded by a bunch of kids. She was teaching them tree-climbing (we think).She has written several children\'s books, for both younger kids and older ones. She says of herself: ‘I write about the things I like to read about.’ Her book Battolome is Little Island\'s most international book: written in German by a Dutch Austrian, set in Spain, translated into English and published in Ireland.

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About Karen Vaughan

Karen Vaughan is a designer and illustrator with a particular love for pen and ink. Since receiving her BA in Illustration from the North Wales School of Art and Design at Glyndwr University in 2013, Karen has worked as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator producing covers, illustrations and designs for numerous publishing companies and newspapers. Her intricate illustrations are very much inspired by folk tales, nature and the elaborate patterns and fashions of bygone eras. Tangleweed and Brine is her first book.

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About Sheena Wilkinson

Sheena Wilkinson has won many awards for her fiction including five Children\'s Books Ireland Awards, most recently the Honour Award for Fiction for 2017\'s Star By Star, which was also shortlisted for the Irish Book Awards. Described in The Irish Times as \'one of our foremost writers for young people\', Sheena received a Major Award from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland in 2013. She teaches creative writing in settings ranging from universities to prisons and runs a young writers\' group in Belfast. Sheena lives in County Down where, when she\'s not writing or reading, she\'s either singing or walking in the forest -- sometimes at the same time.

About Inese Zandere

Inese Zandere is one of the foremost poets for children in Latvia with five poetry collections to her name. She is also one of Latvia’s best-loved authors of fiction, with over twenty novels published to date.

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About Finn-Ole Heinrich, Dita Zipfel and Halina Kirschner

Finn-Ole Heinrich and Dita Zipfel are both highly successful, experienced and award-winning authors for adults and for children, with a plethora of plays, novels, short stories and picturebooks between them. They have both received critical acclaim throughout their careers – Heinrich has received the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis (German Youth Literature Prize) and the French-German Literature Prize, and Zipfel has been awarded the Hamburg Prize for Literature.Halina Kirschner, an illustration and graphic design graduate, has designed an abundance of posters, books, programme books and much more. She currently lives and works in Leipzig.

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